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Early bird or night owl?

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I used to be an early bird for most of my life, having tons of energy early on in the day and into the afternoon, and then relaxing and going to bed at a decent time each night. That is until I started looking after my grandson full time.

I seem to have been drained of all energy – I think he’s sucked it out of my system I swear. I get up at around 8am each day, run all day with him (except for the hour and a half of rest time in the afternoon), make dinner and finally have him in bed by 8pm. And by 9pm, my energy is all back and I seem to stay awake until 12 or 1am every night. Add in the hot flashes in the middle of the night – I don’t get a lot of sleep. Most is my own doing, and I’m trying hard to get back into a routine. But it’s difficult.

Do you have more energy in the day or in the evening? I’d love to hear any suggestions anyone may have to help me get out of this slump I’m in with sleep!