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Daily Thought – June 27

Today is going to be a record breaking day for heat where I am. I am not even going to attempt a walk !

Stay cool, stay hydrated and stay inside! Have the best day possible.

Daily Thought – June 23

The laughter of children is probably the best sound in the world. To hear the ring of laughter of children in a playground, or the belly laugh of a baby, always makes me smile. It’s one of those sounds that can instantly put you in a good mood. That and a favourite song are the two things that make me feel better instantly. I love playing with my grandson and I seem to have a knack (a hidden talent?) to get him to belly laugh. It can be something as silly as me trying to juggle or pretending to sneeze – he seems to get a kick out of me overacting!

Listen today for the sounds of children laughing and see if it makes you just smile a little – I bet it will!

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Daily Thought – June 21

Do you let other people’s stress affect your every day life? Do you take in what they are projecting?

I try not to do that, but today just seems to be one of those days. I try to be positive to these people but they just come back with more negativity. So – I make the decision to change the subject, project positivity, and make them feel better. This way – it also makes me feel better! And it helped!

So when you are intaking the stress of others – project the positivity inside of you and find something positive to share with them. It may help!

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Daily Thought – June 18

This afternoon is me time. I have spent the afternoon sitting outside, enjoying the lovely weather, and writing. I have put off my writing for too long – including for my blog – and I have told myself that I need to set some time to do this every day. I have been very lax at this.

I have joined a website called Storyworth and it is such a cool site! It was suggested by a friend of mine and I am so glad she recommended it! So my motivation is back, and I will be making an effort every single day to be writing, on here and on my book. My book is a work in process and I need to start getting back into this.

So my thought for the day is this – everything you strive for is worth the effort – so keep on focusing on your goals! You will succeed!!

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