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Dreaming of far away places

On this November night, as I sit in my kitchen, enjoying the peace and quiet, I am left wondering where I would like to travel to next, once we are allowed to freely travel with no restrictions.

I would love to go back to Prague to visit my favourite places, and my friends, and to enjoy a beer at the Letna Beer Garden and look at the views of the city and the Vltava. Take in the smells of the sausages cooking on the grill, and listening (and not understanding) the Czech people chatter away. Of all the places I’ve been to, I miss Prague the most.

Charles Bridge early morning with no tourists! Best time to go!

My next place to go travelling to will be Greece, with a side trip to Turkey. I have a hotel booked in Hersonissos Greece for next May, but who knows if that will happen! I’d love to imagine myself on the beach relaxing.

Hersonissos Holidays - Crete Greece
Hersonissos, Greece
24 Hours in Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Turkey

And New Zealand is also on my radar – I would love to retire in New Zealand. This is my ultimate dream destination. To get lost in the Southern Alps, exploring the south island of New Zealand.

New Zealand
Southern Alps, New Zealand

It’s so nice to dream isn’t it??

Dreaming on a gloomy day…

It’s a gloomy day here in Canada, and I have been looking back at some of my favourite places that I’ve travelled to, and some new ones that I will be seeing. It’s always a day to share and here are some pictures and memories of mine!

Big Ben and area – London February 2016
Eiffel Tower – July 2016
Harbin China – February 2017
The Andes in Santiago, Chile August 2017
Atacama Desert – September 2017
The beautiful beaches of Arica, Chile – September 2017
Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, – June 2019
Future trip to Angkor Wat Cambodia – aiming for 2022
Victoria Falls, Zambia Africa – 2021 trip

It’s so lovely to look back at memories made, and to dream of future places to see

Dreams can come true!

2019 was not a great year for many reasons, and I was really looking forward to the start of 2020 in hopes that this year would be better. Well, praying and dreaming and hoping has worked!

My son has moved out to Vancouver BC and is now working at a fantastic job and is advancing in his position quickly. He loves it out there. He’s happy and it was the move he needed. He has dreamed of living there for a long time, so his dream has come true!

My daughter is expecting this year – in August – and I am OVER THE MOON about being a grandma. I honestly never thought she’d want a baby but here we are – a new baby and a new life is on the horizon. I cannot wait to be a Grandma!!

As for me, changes are on the horizon for me as well. Changes that are exciting and also maybe a bit overwhelming, but it’s all good changes. I am excited for this year and all the changes coming!

Never give up on your dreams – with hard work and perseverance, you can make your dreams come true!!

Another accomplishment!

As I was not planning any travelling this year, I decided to set other goals for myself, including doing public speaking (done!) and having an article published by the end of year.  Well that second one is coming true!!


I had originally sent in an article to a Canadian publication called “Our Canada” back in October 2016 (when I was in China) and had not thought it had actually gone through due to the difficulties with the VPN and internet in China.  Well in fact, it DID get sent and I guess it had been in a pile of other articles submitted.  I received an email about a week ago from one of the editors asking if I’d still be interested in having it published and could I provide more information?  Of course I said YES!


After many emails, searching and sending in pictures, it has been confirmed that in the December issue my article will be published in a NATIONAL magazine!  To say I am slightly excited about this is an understatement.  I cannot believe that I am actually going to have something I wrote in print for others to read.


It’s been such an unbelievable journey from 4 short years ago, when I was still working as a legal assistant in Calgary Alberta to where I am today.  I am so grateful and humbled and just so happy for my life and the way it’s turned out for me.


If I can do this, ANYONE can!!!

If you won the lottery….

If you won the lottery – let’s say $5,000,000 (Canadian – since it is tax free winnings!) – what would you do with the winnings?  Would you travel ?  Pay off debts and save?  Would you do something you’ve never done before, or maybe go somewhere you have always dreamt of seeing?


I have dreamt of what I would do.  Pay off my debts.  Save some of it.  Give some away.   And then travel – to all of the exotic places I have always wanted to see.  Bali.  Fiji.  Australia and New Zealand.  Take an African safari.


Then I would come back to Canada and make my one big dream finally come true.  I would open a cafe.  One that specializes in pastries – homemade by me, with coffee on the side.  People could come in, sit down, and talk about their travels.  That’s the dream that keeps me going.  One day it will happen – and even without lottery winnings, I know I will succeed in having that cafe!!

So what would you do if you won the lottery?



Dreams to Goals to Success!!!

It has been a very busy few weeks for me.  I have been working a lot of hours, preparing for my presentation and helping out my parents.  But I have still been working on my dreams and goals!!


I finally did my presentation yesterday at our public library, on the topic of travelling the world on a budget and with no credit cards.  I am very happy to report that it was a great success!!  I had such a great group of people there who were inquisitive and engaging, and while I had prepared 30 pages of notes, I ended up basically improvising most of the presentation.  It was such a fantastic afternoon and it gave me the confidence boost that I was hoping for to get out and do more public speaking.  So a dream went to a goal and became a success!!


I honestly believe that we all have it in us to do this.  A dream is just a dream if you don’t set dates to make it happen.  That’s what goals are for.  Have a dream, write down a date you want to accomplish it by, it becomes a goal!


My next dream is to publish an article, and I have a date that I want to accomplish that by.  So the next dream has been put in motion with my goal date.


What do you dream of doing?

So long Chile