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As we age…

Have you ever thought about aging? I mean, really thought about it? What are you going to do when you reach the age of retirement? What about your health? Are you concerned about what is happening with your body as you get older? Are there more aches and pains then you thought you’d have, even if you are in shape?

I think about all of this more and more. I wake up almost every morning with a new ache or pain. I know I need to exercise more but I seem to have no motivation at all in my head to get out there and move. A simple daily walk would be good for me but I cannot seem to make myself get out there and do that. And I have no excuse – I am off every morning (I work 2 pm to 10 pm 5 days a week – so I COULD be out walking every single morning!). I try to convince myself of reasons not to be out but they are all lame excuses. No one to blame for this but myself!

I have come to the conclusion the only way for me to beat this no motivation thing is to schedule my walks in my phone and when the alarm goes off – I need to get out and walk. Problem is there is always a snooze button to press haha!

As for retirement – well that’s a tricky one. I will probably end up in the category of working till I die. The thing is I want to work at something I love doing until I die – and there are three things I love. Teaching, baking and writing. I have in my mind many ideas of what I can accomplish with these things, but again the motivation is needed to actually set my mind into doing something about it!

So how does one get motivated to succeed at what they know they can succeed at ? That is the big question looming in my mind. I will figure it out and I will overcome this! Stay tuned to see if it works out…


Getting motivated

I love blogging but I really seem to be lacking motivation this summer to blog. I think it’s partly due to the humidity and how hot the room is where my laptop is, and that I seem to be tired all the time! Old age perhaps? I don’t like to think of myself as old but I am creeping up into the mid 50s so perhaps that is the reason!

I have been struggling to get my mind back on to blogging, trying to think of things to write about. I have lots on my mind, but for some reason I just can’t seem to get those ideas down in writing.

I have managed to write another article that will soon be published in a local paper, which is exciting. It was so much fun writing the article, and that is why I’m back today.

How do I make my blogging a priority when I work full time and am always tired? I suppose I just need to schedule time to brainstorm, and just write. Write whatever comes to my mind.

I will conquer this – I know I will – I just need to drink more coffee and sit down at my computer (and not play computer games… lol).

I hope everyone is well in blogging world!!