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Brae Park, Fort Langley

I spent the afternoon going for a walk in my favourite spot in BC. I wanted to see how high the Fraser River was as there has been a lot of rain this past winter and spring.


You can only pick three

Let’s play a game. Let’s pretend that you have a guardian angel who is willing to pay for an extravagant trip for two people. You can only pick European countries – where would you go and why?

My three picks would be:

Greece – I wanted to go there when I was living in the Czech Republic and never made it. I would love to see the ancient ruins in Athens, try all the food, and go to one of the quieter, less touristy islands and relax on a beach.



This has been on my bucket list since my early 20s. I want to go on the Glacier Express and gaze at the beauty of the Alps as the train goes along. I want to eat Swiss chocolate. I want to wander through Lake Lucerne and breath in the fresh clean air.

Glacier Express, Switzerland


While I have been to Paris but only for 2 short nights, I want to see ALL of France. Eat the food, drink the wine, take the time to really see Paris. Visit Sacre Couer again. Wander through the streets of Montmartre. Visit the Palace of Versailles. See Mont St. Michel. Take a cooking class while in Paris. Visit the vineyards. So much to see.

Mont St. Michel

Where would you go?

At peace by the water

The sun is shining down, providing necessary vitamin D to improve my mood. Listening to footsteps walking on the stones and sand. It all brings me back to my time in Chile where I felt free and peaceful. Watching the water sparkle in the sun is dazzling to the eyes, like diamonds.

There were lovely people walking and stopping to chat. It was lovely and quiet today walking on the beach.

I made it to my destination and needed some food so headed to The Boathouse. A bit disappointing for the price but the tacos were decent. The view was spectacular.

Necessary stop for ice cream on the boardwalk.

I ended my day with a walk down Canada’s longest pier and watching the sunset. A beautiful end to the day.

A day in the mountains

I’ve been wanting to go for a day trip for a while, so I bit the bullet and rented a car for a couple of days. Today was my day trip and the weather definitely cooperated.

On my way home, I encountered the smoke from the forest fires and the skies were dark and the sun was red. But within minutes I was back in the beautiful blue sky.

It was just what I needed!