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Walk a Mile for a Smile – Update!

I blogged a few months ago about the walk I am organizing, and it is getting closer and things have changed slightly with it.

Due to my move, it is going to be a virtual walk and despite me wanting it to be a 4 day event, that just wasn’t feasible. So it’s now a virtual walk that will have the last day to take place of September 25 2021. Since it’s a virtual walk, I am suggesting that whenever anyone wants to do the walk, they can go ahead and do it, and to post a video of it on my social media pages. Donation information will be forthcoming.

Tales of a grocery store clerk

This past week marked the one year “anniversary” (that word to me means a happy occasion, which this most definitely is not!) of the beginning of the pandemic and a new way of life. So much has changed over this past year, it is mind-blowing.

Retail stores have experienced some big changes. I had a discussion with my store manager yesterday – he showed me a picture of how the store looked one year ago – the line up was insane, the shelves were scarily empty, and it appeared that an apocalypse had or was about to occur.

Flash forward a year, and we now have to ask every single person who comes in whether they have symptoms, have travelled, and so on and so on – I am sure many of you know what I’m talking about. People are getting tired of being questioned. And they are getting tired of being masked. A lot of people want to get vaccinated and we are all waiting patiently for that to happen.

Here in Ontario, we are waiting our turn depending on the age. The over 80s are going first (now that the front line workers have been vaccinated, or mostly, now), and then 70’s, etc. As a grocery store clerk, we are anticipating that in April, our time will be coming up to be vaccinated. I will be at the front of that line! I want to be able to travel and go and see my new grandchild in the summer, and see my son and daughter in law.

I want to be able to work and show a smile to those people are serving. I have adjusted to wearing a mask. It’s been a year, and it’s necessary. What’s amazing is the amount of colds people are getting – basically none! Amazing how the insistence of washing hands, keeping a safe distance, and wearing a mask seems to have eliminated most people getting colds or the flu. Perhaps we should remember this in years to come.

So while we are all struggling each day to try to stay positive as this pandemic continues a year later, let’s remember that one day, it will be gone, and life as it is will return to “normal” – whatever that may be. Let’s be patient in the stores with the clerks and employees and our fellow shoppers. Get vaccinated if you can. Keep your distance. And put on a smile behind that mask – because it will show in your eyes!

Until next week…

A lovely day for a walk! And random thoughts!

The past two days have been beautiful here in Southern Ontario. Definitely not a typical winter so far. We have had blue skies, warm temperatures – all so tempting to get out and hike, or walk, or just sit in the sun and enjoy it. Okay so maybe it’s not that warm to sit in the sun and enjoy it. But it has been beautiful out!

I enjoy walking and exploring new areas. Yesterday I took a very long (2 hours long) walk in the area. I need to get out walking more and I am so glad I did!

One thing I noticed while walking were the houses. I live in an area that is definitely more prosperous than other areas I have lived in. So the houses can be quite big. And today it got me thinking – why do people want such big houses? Is it to show other people that they are successful? Some of these houses obstructed views for others. And they take up so much space. And do they really enjoy cleaning them? Do they all have housekeepers? What about the lawns? Landscapers? So many questions went through my mind.

Many (many) years ago, I had a dream of owning a big house out in the country, with a wrap-around porch, and rocking chairs out on the porch to sit on and enjoy the day whittle away. Now I think – why would I want that? I would love to have the money that it would cost to have a big house but I’d use it to travel! (When we can again that is!)

I love the views I came across and all I could think about was, what if developers decided to come in and take it all away, just to build apartment buildings or ridiculously large houses that no one can really afford but pretend that they can?

My mind is a funny place, when I go walking I think of all sorts of things that make me question people and myself too. When did I become judgmental of people for owning a big house? Am I judgmental? I really try not to be, but I just don’t see the point in a big house. But that’s just the way I think I guess.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my walks and enjoy my often strange thoughts!