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Turkey and beyond

As I sit here in my room, recuperating from a possible bout of Covid – to me it’s just a bad cold but there is a back log for getting tested here so it was suggested I just self isolate for the required time until I can return to work, I have been doing some self care. Planning time away is ALWAYS self care for me!

Back in 2019, I had booked a flight for the end of January 2020 to head to England, travel through Europe to Turkey and then spend a month travelling through Turkey. Prices in Turkey were very reasonable and I had my entire trip planned. Where I was going, how I was getting there, what I was going to do when I got there. It all came crashing down at the beginning of January 2020 – the pandemic as well as the problems with Syria and Turkey. I put the trip on hold.

So as I listen to ABBA (going on 3 hours now… I love ABBA), I have discovered that there are very cheap flights from Vancouver to Antalya Turkey. While I have not booked the flight yet, I have booked (with free cancellation) my hotels throughout my month long trip to Turkey in September of this year. Come hell or high water – I am going to Turkey!! And if the Gods allow me, from Turkey I’m heading through Europe as well. There are places I never had the chance to visit, as well as visiting friends in Slovakia and Czech Republic. I’d also like to revisit a place or two if finances allow me to, but that will be decided at the time.

I am not one to travel without having accommodations booked – I have read many blogs about just going and booking when you get there – that would stress me out too much at my age. Questions go through my head – what if I can’t find a cheap place to stay? Is there a hostel that I could stay in last minute with minimal people in the room? I snore and would not want to be that person in a hostel! I stayed in hostels all through Chile but they all had the option of a single room which I took advantage of.

There is so much in this world to see and I want to see it all. I want to be healthy when I travel and I know that 57 is not that old but I feel my age is catching up to me and I need to go now before it’s too late.

So while I was looking for accommodations, I came across a place in Cappadocia (a bucket list place!) for $19 total for 2 nights! How could I not book it?? And it has a rating of 9.0 on Booking.com. That excites me!!

What do you do when you’re sick? Do you listen to music? Watch TV? Plan a trip?

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

Make decisions not resolutions

Every year I make resolutions and every year I don’t do any of them.

So this year, I’m making some decisions instead. Decisions are more accountable than resolutions are.

Here are some of my decisions this year:

I have decided to eat healthier. I did not eat very healthy last year and I need to do better.

I have decided that Europe is where I’m going to visit this year. I have missed traveling, and flights are cheap so I am going to book one soon.

I have decided to get a full time job, even if it’s an online job. Online would be great but if it’s in an office then that’s fine too.

I have decided to go back to being the positive person I was. No more negative thoughts. It has affected my health and that’s not a good thing.

So what are you deciding to do in this new year?