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Dream a little dream with me…

Dreams. We all have them. We dream of winning the lottery.  We dream of conquering Mount Everest (okay that’s not my dream – but I guess some people dream of that!).  Our dreams can be wild, our dreams can be something simple.  But whatever they are, they are your dreams and something most of us want to get. We want to accomplish those dreams, we just need to know how to accomplish that.

Dreams will forever be dreams if we don’t do something to make them come true.  For the lottery, well buy a ticket and hope for a miracle.  For conquering Mount Everest, lots of preparation, and taking time off to go and do it, among many other things required to do that, must be done first.  For most dreams, we have to DO something in order to attain that dream.  It’s really simple actually to accomplish a dream – make it a goal!

That’s right – make it a goal.  Say you’re dreaming of going to Australia.  Dream about all you want, look at pictures, check flight information.  All of that is great – but if you don’t set a goal for accomplishing that dream of Australia, chances are you’ll never get there.  Tell yourself, I want to be in Australia for 6 weeks starting June 1, 2021.  There – you’ve now made it a goal.  An attainable goal.  You have 10 months to get this goal done.  Start a savings account.  Book a flight.  Check out hotels.  Once that goal date is in your mind, it’s a lot easier to attain that goal.  You know you can do it because you made it a goal, not just a dream. 

A dream of mine has now become a goal, and that goal date for me is by my birthday – March 2021.  I have to get a notebook to write down everything I need to get done by certain dates – and then I KNOW this dream will come true! 

So – let’s make a dream come true today.   Make that dream a goal and set a date.  I know you can do it!


Travel Talk seminar

Do you have a bucket list?  Do you update it on a monthly/annual basis?


I updated my bucket list at the beginning of this year – I update it every six months or so, as my list changes and other things come to light that I want to accomplish.  One thing that has constantly been on my bucket list is to do some public speaking, to get more comfortable speaking in front of people and become more self-confident.  Well, this bucket list item is coming off my list now!!


In April, I will be doing a Travel Talk at our public library here in my hometown, all about my travels and how to travel the world on a budget and credit free.  I am excited to be doing this, and at the same time a trifle nervous about it.  I know I can do it, or else I would not have suggested it to the library in the first place.  I have already started my planning for the talk and getting pictures to show to all that attend.  I hope I can encourage others to get out and see the world!!  And this may sound like I am bragging – but I am very proud of myself to have put myself out there and suggested this!  It is such a huge accomplishment for me – I was a very shy child and this is leaps and bounds from what I ever imagined myself doing as an adult.


I am also taking another thing off my bucket list in May – I will be going to the capital of Canada for a 4 day adventure.  Ottawa has been booked – a bed and breakfast await me, and I am looking forward to making my time there an adventure!


That’s two things off my list in the first six months of this year !!  I hope to have at least one more thing off of my bucket list by the end of 2018 – it’s definitely an attainable goal.  I just need to set my mind to it and get it done!!


How often do you update your bucket list?  Have you taken anything off of your bucket list this year?  Is your bucket list full of travel or are there other things you want to accomplish?


A new year for goal setting

2018 is here, and I enjoyed it by napping, waking up to see the ball drop in Times Square, and then headed to bed right away!  I am not much of a party person so it was okay to have a quiet New Year’s Eve.  I enjoyed it with my family, something I haven’t done in a long time.


But now 2018 is here.  I had such an eventful 2017 that I am not really sure how I will top it, but I will most definitely be having an amazing year.  My positive attitude will keep flowing right through this new year and will make this an amazing year.


I was lucky enough to see China, Chile and then back to Canada last year, and I have every intention to travel somewhere this year for a holiday – Canada will be my home base now for a few years but that doesn’t mean I will just be staying here and working.  I am ready to explore a new country even if it is just for a week or two.  Perhaps I will even pick a country that doesn’t start with “C”!


One of my goals (NOT resolutions – a goal is much more attainable I believe) is to get an article or two published, while continuing to work on my book.  My goal is to improve my writing.  I have other goals too, but this is my big one for the year.  I know I can do it – I just need to make the time to write more.


What goals have you made?  Or do you make resolutions?  Do you make the same one every year?  And do you keep it?


A new year, a new start – there is no time like the present to get to it!!


For now though,  I am reminiscing about 2017 – here are a few of my favourite moments from this past year.