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Autumn is slowly leaving…

An absolutely gorgeous day here in Southern Ontario. The leaves are falling quickly but the day is warm. Glad I was able to go for a walk.

Noodles for breakfast?

Awww yes, the food in China. Oatmeal restaurants, dumplings stuffed with veggies, and noodles for breakfast? Okay I’ve tried the first two things but I don’t know about noodles for breakfast. Maybe I will but that just seems odd to me.

I have learned that Chinese people like to drink hot/warm water (never cold) and at first I thought no way. But I have now developed a taste for hot water. Things I never knew I’d like!!

Autumn has arrived in Changchun, and I am waiting anxiously to see some beautiful fall colours here! I spotted a bit but I’ve been told that they have all 4 seasons here so fingers crossed! Perhaps one day soon I will discover the way to show pictures here and I can share some!!

Here’s wishing everyone everywhere a happy and glorious day!