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Autumn vibes

Nice day today to get out for a walk. My grandson has been under the weather so today was a good day to get some vitamin D.

Daily Thought – September 1

It’s the beginning of a new month – September is here. And fall is right around the corner. The weather here is cooling off and we have been getting some much needed rain. It feels lovely and fresh here with the cooler weather – I like this weather much better than the heat of summer!

I look forward to the new things coming up for me in September – back to work and time to meet more people. My plans are to head into Vancouver for a day to myself soon – I’ve been out here now almost 3 months and haven’t ventured very far. It’s time to see Vancouver!

What are you looking forward to for the new season coming up? Wearing sweaters again? Looking forward to football season? Whatever it is – embrace the new season and enjoy!

14 Best Autumn Poems - Classic Poems About Fall

Noodles for breakfast?

Awww yes, the food in China. Oatmeal restaurants, dumplings stuffed with veggies, and noodles for breakfast? Okay I’ve tried the first two things but I don’t know about noodles for breakfast. Maybe I will but that just seems odd to me.

I have learned that Chinese people like to drink hot/warm water (never cold) and at first I thought no way. But I have now developed a taste for hot water. Things I never knew I’d like!!

Autumn has arrived in Changchun, and I am waiting anxiously to see some beautiful fall colours here! I spotted a bit but I’ve been told that they have all 4 seasons here so fingers crossed! Perhaps one day soon I will discover the way to show pictures here and I can share some!!

Here’s wishing everyone everywhere a happy and glorious day!