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A baby’s mind

I am so lucky to be able to live with my grandson and watch with wonder at how quickly this little boy is growing.

The past few weeks, it seems he is growing and learning more each day. He has gone from knowing just a few words to actually saying sentences now. He can tell us stories in a somewhat garbled way but we can understand what he’s trying to tell us.

What is amazing to me is that this 2 year old (and 3 months) can go from counting to 20, saying his alphabet and talking in garbled words about dinosaurs in a matter of seconds. How does a mind do that?

It is the same with those who are lucky enough to speak more than one language. It’s amazing to hear someone go from one language to the next.

My grandson gets very excited when he wants to tell me or his mother something. I watch in awe at this tiny human trying so hard to communicate with me and when I do, he tells me in a clear way “good job!”. My heart is full whenever I’m with him.

I don’t want him to ever grow up 💙