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Christmas – is it too early?

Is it too early to play Christmas songs?

Is it too early to decorate?

Is it too early to do your shopping?

Perhaps I’ve become a bit of a Scrooge over the past few years, but I truly don’t enjoy much about Christmas anymore. I’ve been alone on numerous Christmas days and I really prefer it that way. It’s far too commercial in my opinion. I don’t buy gifts and don’t decorate. If I’m alone what’s the point? Just something else to clean up and put away in a couple of weeks. So to answer my own questions…

I actually enjoy Christmas music. Just don’t play them before December 1st. November is too early!

Again – decorate in December! More than a month of any decorations is too much.

When I did shop for Christmas, I always had it done by the end of October, and wrapped in November. There’s no way I’d step into a mall to shop in December! We all know the date so really there’s not much of an excuse to wait until the last minute. I am all for early Christmas shopping- it just makes sense to me.

So bad humbug from me – but also I hope you all have as stress free as possible next 6 weeks!