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Daily Thought – March 23

Today is my birthday, and I had a lovely day spending it with my mother, daughter and grandson – socially distanced and wearing masks. My mom gets her first vaccination tomorrow, so we were being very safe today around her. No hugs, even though I wanted to give her a hug.

We talked at length about my dad, and the service on Friday, and just other things that we needed to talk about. I could tell that obviously my mom was sad but she held it together and enjoyed the day with her great-grandson.

My daughter commented to me that there was something wrong with me. I have had one little cry for my dad, but nothing like both my kids have had. I’m sad that my dad is gone, but people can grieve and not cry. I may be different from most other people, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care or that I’m not sad. I simply express my grief in a different way from everyone else.

Tonight, after my dinner with my daughter at her place, I decided to take a drive to a local beach, that has a boardwalk to walk on. I took my time walking a short distance, and had a little talk with my dad. I thanked him for all that he did for us, and I said good bye. That’s my way of grieving and saying good bye to a loved one.

So my thought today is – it’s okay to be different. It doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings – it just means that you express them differently from everyone else. Be different. It’s okay!!

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Daily Thought – December 1

The first day of December – a celebration day for me and my family, as both my father and my daughter celebrate their birthdays today. My father turns 85 today, my daughter 29.

Time flies – I am grateful to still have my father around at this age, although there are some days he doesn’t remember things well at all. His dementia is getting worse and I’m afraid he will have to be put in a home sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I am grateful that he is still around.

Again time flies – how is my daughter 29 years old already? It does not seem possible that she is all grown up and a mother of her own now.

Time flies – be sure to spend as much time with those you love as they will not be here forever.

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‚Äč39 years old, with 13 years experience!

Happy Birthday to me!!!
This is birthday number 3 for me traveling abroad, and my 52nd in this awesome world.  It really has been an amazing journey, these 52 years, and while I know deep down that I am NOT middle aged (because, really, who lives to be 104 ~ not many of us!), I do not feel my age at all. And I attribute this to doing what I want and loving what I do!  

I turned 50, a milestone birthday, in Prague, and while it was not exactly the day I had in mind, it was definitely memorable turning 50 in Europe! A weekend trip to Cesky Krumlov on my own was just what I needed after that monumental day.

At 51, I was on my way to Berlin for a short holiday to celebrate my birthday. I enjoyed celebrating on my own as it gave me a chance to reflect on my life, what I had endured and how it had turned out at the time. Celebrating one’s birthday may sound lonely but it really wasn’t. I was in an exciting European city, enjoying new sites and sounds and food.  This was when I made the decision to make a change. China and other Asian countries were on my list but obviously China won. And while China can be challenging, I don’t regret it at all!

So now here I am, turning another year older in another country and it really is exciting!  I have made many friends here who I know are going to be lifetime friends. I have discovered a side of me that I never would have found had I not jumped into this new life ~ that side being the incredible patience I have for teaching young children, and loving them all so much.

I don’t know where I will be next year to celebrate my 53rd birthday but no matter where I will be, you can be sure that I will make it the best day possible and that I will be grateful for being there!