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Blogging v. Journaling

I was talking to a coworker today telling her I was spending tonight housesitting my son’s apartment and she asked what I’d be doing. I told her having quiet time, writing and resting. She was curious about me writing and I told her I was a blogger. She reacted by saying that blogging is just journaling about your day. I didn’t really know what else to say except to me it isn’t the same at all.

I pondered her reaction for the rest of my shift. Is it just journaling? I don’t think so. I journal on occasion, but I like blogging. To me journaling is private, where blogging is sharing with others thoughts, recipes, travel experiences and the like.

What are your thoughts on this? Is there a difference to you?

I will continue to do both despite this woman’s opinion. I enjoy both. I just wish I had more energy lately to commit to daily blogging. I miss that time to myself.


What do you do…

What do you do when you aren’t blogging/writing? Are you involved in your day to day life? Are you getting out and seeing family and friends? Are you relaxing?

It’s interesting to think about. I have reminders set up now to make sure I write every day – and not just put up favourite quotes that I find appealing that day. I think about what I’d like to write during my work day. If something comes up that I find intriguing, I make a note of it and remind myself later to write about it. Sometimes I change my mind or adjust it to my liking, that is what writing is about after all.

I have discovered, though, that putting a reminder in my calendar has made it much easier for me to blog. I have a reminder set up for 30 minutes before I’m supposed to write, which is a great thing for me.

I also do other things. Some would say I have crazy thoughts of the future, or what I want to do. Well this week, I may have proved that to some of them. I put in an application to be a contestant on a Canadian baking show. I love baking, and have been told over the years that I’m a very good baker. I saw an advertisement that they were taking applications for the new season and I thought – why not! So, the application was filled out and sent it. I won’t know until March if they are proceeding with my application or not, but the fact that I even applied felt pretty amazing. If I do get accepted – well then I’ll freak out. For now I’m just excited that my name is in their database.

So what do you all do when you’re not on here? Reading, watching TV, maybe going for a walk? Or maybe you are applying for some contest too! Tell me what you do!

Merry Christmas and on to 2019 we go!

I have been very absent lately – carpal tunnel is preventing  me from being on my computer for too long.  Awaiting results in the early new year to find out next steps to be taken.  We may have free health care – but it’s not a quick process for us.


Despite the issues of that, and health issues with both parents, 2018 has been a good year for me.  I saw many accomplishments of mine, and of my children, followed through and succeeded.  I have had an article published in a Canadian magazine (Our Canada), did some public speaking, dabbled in art, and in general have had a very positive year.  I am heading to Europe in January for a vacation, and then later in the year Africa is calling my name.  I am excited for what looms in the future for me.


I hope to be back blogging soon on a more regular basis.  I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a very Happy New Year!   Here’s to the future and to 2019!



I “have to” or I “get to”…

I read something very interesting today – it was a remark from someone on Facebook about how they changed their perspective simply by changing one word — “have” to “get”.  It seems so simple – but is it really?

Let’s consider this – I have to go to work today – sounds like something you would probably avoid if you had the chance.  Something daunting.  Unpleasant.

So let’s change the words.  I get to go to work today.  It sounds like it’s a great thing right?  It sounds like you are excited about doing it.  It’s something you are looking forward to doing.

And it was such a simple change — from a 4 letter word to a 3 letter word.  Have to Get.

I could think of my life in a negative way – I have to get up and run errands for my parents.  Sounds negative.  BUT if I change it to – I get to get up and run errands for my parents!  At least to me, it sounds like a pleasant thing to do.

Let’s take it a bit further — I have to blog tonight because it’s been so long since I have. (and yes I did actually think that this morning).  I changed it later today to – I get to blog tonight because I have a night off and can really think about it!  I got excited by simply saying it that way.

It’s amazing that by changing that one word, how much better my day turned out.  I changed the word with many things today (not just about blogging!) and it definitely turned my attitude around.

Try it – you may be surprised at how easy it is!