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This is the time of year that some people will get a new calendar – either by mail or in a store.

There have been some years that I’ve had 4 or 5 calendars. I’m a bit of a collector – something like my notebook obsession.

This year, I bought a wall calendar showing landscapes around the world, and a pocket calendar showing a holiday for every day of the year. Who knew there was something to celebrate each day?

My birthday is National Puppy Day. There’s a Monkey Around Day, National Beer Day and even an Extraterrestrial Abductions Day! It’s fun to look at the silly things that they say are a “holiday”. It amuses me.

Tomorrow, my Christmas break from my daughter and grandson ends – I have missed them both and I know I’m going to miss having the place to myself, but I am looking forward to hugging that little boy and playing with him.

Tomorrow is National Pepper Pot Day – I don’t think I’ll celebrate it but maybe someone out there will! Go celebrate!