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Fort Langley

I spent the afternoon in the lovely little town of Fort Langley enjoying the sunny day.

It was on a whim I came here and when I arrived, I was lucky to discover a spring bazaar happening. I took the time to wander through, and then kept on walking.

This place reminds me of Niagara on the Lake in Ontario. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and makes me want to just sit down and listen to the sounds I hear. Which of course I did.

I continued walking up to the Fraser River walkway and took in the beauty of the river walk.

Of course, hunger pains struck so I headed to Fort Pub and Grill for some fish and chips. Delicious food and such a diverse staff. Definitely recommend this place!

After dinner, I decided to work off my dinner and went for a hike at Brae Park, and went to Tavistock Point. The 4 km walk was definitely worth it for the views!

I finished off my day with a limoncello Gelato. It was a great day.

Walking paths

My favourite exercise is to walk. I have walked hundreds if not thousands of kilometers in my life. And I am not slowing down!

Today I walked from our favourite park down to the grocery store, about a 20 minute walk. It was down this lovely path and I took my time.

I could walk for hours as long as my feet feel okay. And it’s a great way to get some fresh air!


After having a couple of really stressful weeks, I finally have a break. The apartment is quiet and I have several days off, so I decided to head to Victoria BC for two nights. Tonight is my first night here and I took a very long walk to clear my head and take in some sights.

My head is in a better place and I feel much better. Sometimes a short break and getting away helps.


We have had some serious weather the past few days, but today the sun came out and the day shone bright. I decided today was the day to head downtown Vancouver. It was a fantastic day and ended with going to the Christmas market. It can’t compare to the European markets but it was nice enough. Glad I made the decision to go.

As I walked around and took in the scenery, I did some serious thinking and made some decisions about my future. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air to clear your mind.

Day tripping

I headed out bright and early this morning to the island, to visit Sidney BC. I have never been to the island so I was excited to be on a ferry and to visit somewhere new, even if it was just for the day. Many photos to share – I picked just a few to show the beauty of the west coast of Canada.