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Yesterday was definitely a needed day off from home life. I got out into the fresh sea air and was able to think about what I want for my future. I was able to clear all the negativity that has been swirling around in my head – I needed to talk it out (with people looking at me but whatever – if it helps to talk to yourself then do it!). The spider webs are clear, and my future is once again in sight.

I’ve been playing with the idea of challenging myself during my next travels. I want to only take overnight buses (saving myself accommodation costs), limiting my time in each place I go so that I can see more places (a whirlwind tour of European countries I’ve yet to see and are on my bucket list), and staying only in hostels (this is the biggest challenge as I snore a LOT and am not too much of a sound sleeper either – this will be a big hurdle for me). I have a general itinerary started and am trying to figure out timing with buses and trains – Europe definitely has more options than North America does to travel this way and much cheaper too!

Have you ever thought of challenging yourself when traveling? I did this when I went to Chile – I stayed in hostels in all places except for Santiago – after traveling for over 30 hours, I was glad I got myself an AirBnB for the week I was there. I needed that to recover from jetlag!

This begins my challenges list leading up to the big 60 in two years!


Challenge yourself

When I turned 50, I was living in Prague. And a month before I turned the big 5-0, I gave myself a challenge to step out of my comfort zone and do 50 things that would challenge me before that milestone birthday.

I believe I completed 30 of the items – I mistakenly asked my young friends (in their 20s) to give me suggestions and some of the things that were suggested were just a little too out there for me! I was proud of myself to have done the things I did do – and thankful that I did them in a country that I couldn’t understand what they were saying about what I was doing! I’m sure I was laughed at but that’s okay when you can’t understand the language haha.

So as I approach my 57th birthday in a couple of weeks, I am going to challenge myself to write a blog every day. This may not sound that challenging, but since I am currently taking care of my grandson full time, it’s sometimes hard to find time to get on the computer – but I will do it. I’m keeping it at one a day for that very reason. If I make more than one, even better!

My next challenge is for my 60th birthday. I have a lot of time between now and then – I have 33 months (and yes I had to get a calculator to figure that out – math is not a strong point of mine). I have time to make a list (which is the first challenge) to come up with 2 different things for each month, starting June of this year. Some of the things I’m planning are trips – local and international – as well as volunteering and other things like that. It’s a big plan and I am up for the challenge!

Do you do things like this? Do you challenge yourself on a daily basis? Do you have suggestions for me for my 60 year goal? Feel free to make suggestions!