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Which would you choose?

Christmas is a time for family, memories, and good food. Christmas is also a time for arguments, too much alcohol, and tension.

I’ve had my share of both kinds of Christmas. I have to admit, the most relaxing Christmases I’ve had have either been alone or traveling. This year I’ll be completely alone and I can’t wait.

Two weeks of silence if I want, napping when I’m tired, staying up late to watch whatever I want. No dinner to make, no one to visit. I’m excited! I may even get caught up on sleep!

If you had the choice, would you have a big family Christmas or would you spend it alone perhaps on a beach somewhere, or a mountain cabin, or even just at home?

Christmas – is it too early?

Is it too early to play Christmas songs?

Is it too early to decorate?

Is it too early to do your shopping?

Perhaps I’ve become a bit of a Scrooge over the past few years, but I truly don’t enjoy much about Christmas anymore. I’ve been alone on numerous Christmas days and I really prefer it that way. It’s far too commercial in my opinion. I don’t buy gifts and don’t decorate. If I’m alone what’s the point? Just something else to clean up and put away in a couple of weeks. So to answer my own questions…

I actually enjoy Christmas music. Just don’t play them before December 1st. November is too early!

Again – decorate in December! More than a month of any decorations is too much.

When I did shop for Christmas, I always had it done by the end of October, and wrapped in November. There’s no way I’d step into a mall to shop in December! We all know the date so really there’s not much of an excuse to wait until the last minute. I am all for early Christmas shopping- it just makes sense to me.

So bad humbug from me – but also I hope you all have as stress free as possible next 6 weeks!

Thoughts for December 25

This year is very different from last year. Last year, I spent it with my daughter, grandson and the extended family. It was a stressful day, but also a great day to be with my grandson for his first Christmas. Stressful due to the family conditions my daughter was living in.

Fast forward to this year – I’m enjoying a quiet day with my son, watching football and cooking a prime rib for dinner. My granddaughter is with her mom’s family (due to illness, no visiting), and my daughter and grandson are visiting my ex and his family. It’s been a good day, albeit quiet, but good day in any event.

I am not a big Christmas person – it’s really just a day to spend copious amounts of money to show the people in our life how much we love them. That should not be a thing – we should just show them every day how much we love them with our hugs and words – gifts shouldn’t be used. But that’s just my thinking – I know others think this way but not everyone. It’s okay – I show my family all year long how much they mean to me. I don’t deny them that ever.

I am grateful today – with the love I feel from my family and the love that I give to them in return.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas day.

Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com

Thought for November 28

I’m very tired these days. The never-ending rains of the west coast are tiring. I just want to see some snow and maybe the sun!

Despite the incessant rain, tonight we had a slight reprieve and I took advantage of it to go for a walk around the neighbourhood to see Christmas lights. The decorations did not disappoint!

My thought for today – take a moment from your busy day, and enjoy what you see around you. A flower, a baby’s smile, Christmas decorations – anything that makes you smile is a good thing! Enjoy the pictures.

Daily Thought – December 26

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to spend Christmas Day with my daughter, my grandson and my daughter’s boyfriend and mother. They are the only ones I see regularly outside of work so I knew I was safe to go there. I am truly blessed to have my daughter close by, and now with my beautiful grandson, i feel doubly blessed.

Next year I will be doubly blessed as my son and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in May. I am so excited to be a Grandma again!

I hope everyone had a safe and beautiful holiday.

Beautiful Blessed Quotes and Blessing Quotes that remind you of the many  blessings | YourFates

Tales of a grocery store clerk

Christmas season has come and the busy season at the store is here. The pandemic and not knowing if we will go on lockdown or not has panicked people into stock piling once again.

Complaints of low toilet paper and paper towels, the inability for people to wear their masks properly and the general chaoticness of the season is exhausting me.

I started today at 2.30 and in a blink of an eye it was 4. It flew by because the lines never stopped. I like when my shifts go fast but we need to breathe in between. Whew!

We are now screening anyone who comes in the store. People seem okay with it but I am sure they are cursing under their breath after they leave.

Generally it’s been okay. I miss my desk job some days. Or even teaching where I was moving all the time. But I have a job and a place to live so I am content.

Have a wonderful week!

Covid 19 and depression

I understand that people are stressed from the pandemic. I get it that it’s a stressful situation for everyone and even more so for those with depression or other mental health issues.

But I wonder – if the media decided to devote maybe three days a week to discuss the pandemic (unless there is something urgent to inform us all about), would that not maybe decrease some of the stress? We all know it’s out there because we see it every day. Is it necessary to be fear mongering everyone?

I know it’s serious and I am not meaning to downplay the importance of the news. I am just getting tired of seeing articles about how depressing this Christmas season will be, and how sad it will be without visiting family. We all know that so please we don’t need reminders of that.

Let’s all believe that there is hope out there and that all these vaccines will be what we all need to heal from this pandemic.

I believe in hope and joy for the season. I will not let the news bring me down!

What brings you happiness?

What brings you happiness?  Is it seeing someone special in your life every day?  A smile from a crush?  The light that shines in a child’s eyes when they see you after a long day at work?  Or does the end of the day, getting in your car and heading home bring you happiness?


For some people, getting up to go to work brings them happiness and a joy in their life.  I have been very fortunate in my life to have jobs/careers that have brought me much happiness.  Working at some of the law firms that I did definitely brought me happiness.  I know – it’s hard to believe but when I was working at some of the law firms, I actually got up and looked forward to going in to work!  Waking up and knowing I could go and teach brought me a lot of happiness.  Even now, working at Tim Horton’s, which I am sure some people don’t understand, brings me happiness.  It is a simple job that does not require much thinking, but I have such a great rapport with my fellow workers that makes it such a fun and happy place, most days.


What else brings me happiness?  Hearing from my kids.  Knowing that everything is good with them, and that they are thinking of me, just like I think of them every single day.  Knowing that even though we don’t talk every day, they know that I love them and think of them.


Being in Welland and with my parents has brought me much happiness this year.  It’s the first Christmas since 2010 that I have been in Welland and I am very fortunate to still have my parents around at my age, and I am incredibly grateful and happy for that.


Happiness is possible for everyone.  It’s how we react and think.  Every job can bring you happiness – you just have to have the right attitude.


What brings me happiness?  My family, my jobs, my friends all over the world, and life.


So what brings you happiness?