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Daily Thought – April 24

Today was the day! I have taken the first step against Covid-19 and got my first vaccination here in Canada. Despite the warnings, I got Astra Zeneca (after looking at the warnings and the numbers recorded of after effects and the dangers, etc., I opted to get my shot today).

I am grateful that I was able to get an appointment as quickly as I did and to get in and have the shot. It’s a step in the right direction and while I do understand the wariness off some people, that is their choice and this was mine.

Traveling again is just one step closer!!

Do your part during this crazy time in our world – be safe, be conscious of those around you, and be polite. We don’t know what the other person is thinking or going through medically – so let’s be tolerant. And please remember to mask up!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Daily Thought – April 5

After much debating in my head, I have finally got myself registered for the covid vaccine available. I am tired of not being able to travel and I know that I will be safer to myself and others by having the vaccine, and I can feel more secure getting on a plane and going anywhere at this point!

Be safe everyone and remember to mask up for everyone’s sake.

An interesting development due to lockdown!

I went into work today, mask on the whole way there (I walk and it’s only about a 7 minute walk so I want to stay safe at all times when I’m out), and I was greeted with a letter from the head office of the company.

We have now been told that we need to keep this letter on our person when we are out, coming and going from work, in case we are stopped and asked where we are going. We have also been told to carry a paystub to confirm our employment with the company, even though the police are not technically allowed to ask for such information, we have been advised for safety precautions to do so.

Some of my fellow workers are not happy with this, as they feel it is inhibiting their charter rights. Being the positive person I am, I told them really what harm does it do to carry something like that? It’s only a piece of paper and really what is the likelihood of being stopped? I’d say very little, especially for me as I am always alone when I am out walking. Despite my reassurances, some are upset about this.

My take on it all is – the sooner we follow all the rules, and then get vaccinated, the better the world will be! I don’t really see the fuss, it’s in m pocket for when I go out. It’s pretty simple.

How are things in everyone else’s neck of the woods? Any restrictions like this? I am curious to know!