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For the love of food!

​”There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”  George Bernard Shaw

Food. I love food. All kinds of food. Growing up in Canada, I ate the usual food. Hamburger, chicken, vegetables. Nothing overly exciting but I enjoyed it all. 

Once I moved out on my own, got married, etc.. I discovered a whole new world of delicious food. 
I have tried many Czech dishes and many Chinese dishes. But which cuisine is the best?  This is strictly my opinion but here are my comparisons:

1. Czech dumplings v. Chinese dumplings. No comparison. China wins hands down. The dumplings are little pockets of heaven with so many different fillings to choose from, including fruit, handmade while you wait. They melt in your mouth, dipped in soy sauce and garlic, and fill you with happiness. Czech dumplings don’t do any of this.
China 1 ~ Czech 0

2.  Czech coffee v. Chinese coffee. 

Another easy choice. Czech wins. The coffee is rich, aromatic, hot and served in adorable cafes. Chinese coffee is mediocre at beat.
China 1 ~ Czech 1

3.  Soup ~ this one is more difficult to choose. Czech republic has delicious soup ~ garlic soup, potato soup, mushroom soup, all so unique and so delicious. The garlic soup has such a distinctively bold taste yet does not leave you with garlic breath. The potato soup and mushroom soup are flavourful, and filling, and a perfect way to start a meal. China has noodles. Big beautiful bowls of chewy noodles bathing in a delicious swirl of broth, laden with vegetables and an egg. The egg confused me at first but oh my goodness it makes the soup even more delicious. This is a tie for me ~ kudos to both countries for making stupendous soups.
China 2 ~ Czech 2

4.  Produce ~ this is another easy one. China surprised me by having such an astounding variety of produce. Fresh juicy watermelon in the summer, sweet mandarins in tbe winter, with a glorious assortment of other fruit available. Vegetables abound. Leeks, potatoes, pumpkin, squash, onions, mushrooms (okay Czech has amazing mushrooms too). The availability of so much good produce is one reason why I have managed to stay so healthy here. China wins this one.
China 3 ~ Czech 2

5.  Breads and pastries ~ this is close for me. Czech has pastries, from apple strudel to chocolate filled croissants, cakes and cookies everywhere ~ well it is Europe. But don’t dismiss China. They have very good bread ~ soft buttery bread. They have these custard filled tarts with the pastry so light and flaky they melt in your mouth. Wafer cookies, fruit filled cakes ~ all so delicious. Czech wins though for this one big reason ~ chocolate. Need I say more?
China 3 ~ Czech 3

6. Signature dishes ~ this is the deciding category. Czech has sausages. So many mouth watering sausages, on chewy rolls with mustard, sizzling and popping in your mouth with that first bite. My mouth is watering just thinking of this!  Czech also has svickova, a dish containing meat, with bread dumplings, cranberries and whipped cream, with gravy poured over it all. It’s not a healthy dish but it is delicious. Even the dumplings are good served this way (probably because it is drenched in gravy!).  Czech is famous for its meat dishes ~ all kinds of meat. Pork knuckle, beef brisket. All so very good!!  China also has a wide variety of dishes to try.  Dumplings and noodles of course. Ma la tong. Chicken with peppers and ginger served with rice. Rice dishes! Pork, beef, fish (I am not a fan of the fish dishes though ~ too bony for my liking). They all have their own unique quality and taste. And all served with vegetables.  This one is going to China. With the healthier dishes and the wider variety to choose from, it is definitely the winner.
China 4 ~ Czech 3
China has a healthier cuisine, but I still miss the Czech coffee and pastries.  

Czech Republic ~ my top 10 places to see

​I lived in the Czech Republic for almost two years before moving to China. It is my second hone, after Canada, so I thought I would share my top 10 places to see there.

1.  Cesky Krumlov ~ without a doubt, this is the most beautiful, quaintest, peaceful town I have ever encountered. The history, the magnificent castle and its grounds, the food. Many people will visit only for a day but to get a real feel of the town, you need to take your time, walk through the alleys, visit the shops and imagine you are there back in the medieval era. Spend a weekend at one of the quaint bed and breakfasts. It is worth it! 

2. Konopiste ~ again it is a castle town. This country has so many castles to see but this should be near the top of your list. Set away from town, surrounded by trees and the prettiest lake, is a castle out of a story book. I spent about 5 hours wandering through the grounds, having a picnic by the lake, and people watching. A stunning site to see.

3.  Karlstejn ~ another castle but so much more. This castle is built above a town, and the town is a site to see on its own! The many shops selling uniquely Czech goods, the aroma of the food (sausages ~ oh the sausages!) ~ its a short train ride away from Prague and a wonderful place to spend a day.

4. Prague Castle ~ my friends will be shocked to see this is number 4 on my list! This Castle has my soul ~ it is a magnificent place. The gardens, St. Vitus Cathedral, the quiet alleys, the incredible views of Prague.  There is one special spot in my heart for this Castle. Its amazing to see anytime, but at night, when most of the tourists are in a pub drinking pivo (beer), this place is magical. Serene. Take the time to go at night and you will understand.

5.  Charles Bridge ~ you simply cannot visit this medieval city and not walk on the famous bridge!  There is much to see ~ statues, the Vltava River, the buskers, the people. It is very busy on weekends so try to go on a weekday. 

6.  Divoka Sarka ~ at the end of one of the tram lines is what looks like a big forest area. But once you wander down the hill and are enveloped with the trees and the cliffs and the bubbling creek, you will know why this is on my list. It was my place to escape. Its quiet with an occasional group of people biking, or walking, or having a picnic. Whenever I was having a stressful day, I would get on the tram and walk. You can walk for hours and I did many times.  It had an interesting history as well. Many battles happened here and you will see signs throughout the park but not in English.  

7.  Kutna Hora ~ the town with a church of bones!  I am not kidding ~ there is a bone church in this town!  It is fascinating and quite spooky at the same time. It will chill you!  The town also has a beautiful square and incredible views.

8.  Old Town Square in Prague and the Astronomical Clock ~ one of the main attractions of Prague is the Astronomical clock. Definitely stay and watch the hour chime in and watch the clock’s animation. Then go and enjoy the square. Jan Hus Statue, the horse and carriages, the aroma of food ~ try trdelnik (a pastry) or langos (its like fried bread with sauce ~ its different and popular).  Wander through the narrow cobblestone roads and turn a corner and you will find even more sites and pubs!

9.  Wenceslas Square ~ so many shops!! And this is where you will find the best sausages. Well all of Prague has amazing sausages but you will find a lot here. Oh how I miss the sausages.  

10.  Letna Park ~ in case you couldn’t tell, I love walking. And this park is the best for that because it not only has wonderfully wide paths, and parks for kids, but at the end ~ you will come to the Letna Beer Garden. I could not end my list without including this place, and Czech beer. The views of the city are absolutely the most incredible, and the beer is cold. And yes you can get sausages here too!  Try Kozel, or Gambrinus ~ its a favourite place for many people to go to in the summer.

I could go on and make this a top 100 list ~ I have such incredible memories of this amazing country.  It is not a country to miss if you are in Central Europe.