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Thought for January 18

The definition of toxicity:

the quality of being very harmful or unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way.
“she went public with allegations of workplace toxicity and sexism”

Today I learned the very meaning of this word. I am definitely working in a toxic workplace. A text message summed it all up for me. And with that, I applied to several jobs today, and tomorrow I will be out walking the pavement and giving out resumes. Life is way too short to be this unhappy and unappreciated at a job, or worse (which it is). How one person can be so bitter to her fellow employees is beyond me. This woman has created a lot of friction in the department – none of us, save one, like her or respect her.

Will I go so far as reporting her to management? I am tempted but I will see what happens on Friday during my next shift.

I actually feel relieved that there is an end in sight for me. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to just quit without another job in place, but the motions have been set. Maybe the text message received today was a blessing in disguise.

Once again, as I have said on so many occasions, life is too short to be unhappy with where you are. Change is good, and healthy. Enjoy your life – you only get one chance to do it right.