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Dreams – do they mean anything?

I have always been one who was interested in the meaning of dreams. As a teenager, I had dreams that continued on the next night, sometimes for several nights in a row. As I grew older and life became more stressful, I had very strange dreams and some that were enlightening as well.

While the dreams have always interested me, they also concern me. Sometimes, like last night, I have dreams that involve friends and strange circumstances. Last night’s woke me up and had me awake for at least an hour, hoping for the safety of a former friend, because the dream concerned them.

I know a lot of people who have questioned my interest in dreams but I do find it fascinating that our minds can put together stories for us to look back on. Sometimes even give us a glimpse of a possible future. But it doesn’t matter what people think of my wanting to interpret dreams, it is something I’ve done for a long time and will continue to do!

So while my concern over this friend made me lose some sleep, it will not deter me from continuing on my quest to interpret my dreams for the better. Perhaps it was a wake up call for me to get in touch with this person. That will be something I will debate over the next few days.

What do you think of interpreting dreams? Is it a waste of time or is it interesting to you?

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Never give up

Since I recently moved, I have been tidying and organizing and throwing away stuff. Minimalizing my life is definitely cathartic and I strive to become completely minimalist. I really have no need for a bag full of scarves and mittens. I will be donating those this week.

But one of the things that interested me most as I was unpacking were the journals I made when I was living in China and travelling through Chile. Hard to believe for me that it was 4 years ago that I was in China at this time. Time has flown and I have realized just how much I miss travelling and teaching. Those kids – I still miss them! Teaching brought out the best in me and, while I do like my job, again I am in a job and not a career.

I have come to realize that I don’t want to travel for years but I do want to give back my time to something worthwhile. I don’t want to just sit around and do nothing (which I have been doing this past week – not doing nothing but sitting around). I want to help, I want to volunteer, I want to help others in ways I know I can. I know I can go off for a month somewhere and volunteer, and as soon as travel allows me (or a vaccine!), I will.

So while right now I am enjoying my time with my daughter and grandson, and eventually my newest grandchild to arrive in May of next year, I am not giving up on my dream to get out there and help others. I have big plans for the next five years. Lots to accomplish by the time I turn 60 (yikes – is that really only 5 years away….). I will do it because I know I can and I will not give up on this!

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Daily Thought – September 9

Well today marks the first day at my new job as a cashier at a local grocery store. In the past, I’ve always been a bit nervous starting a new job – today I’m not. It’s just one step towards my next few goals I have – but I need money in order to attain those goals. So to work I go!

Dreaming big has always been part of me, and so far, I have made those dreams come true. So I know I will make the next ones come true too.

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Dream a little dream with me…

Dreams. We all have them. We dream of winning the lottery.  We dream of conquering Mount Everest (okay that’s not my dream – but I guess some people dream of that!).  Our dreams can be wild, our dreams can be something simple.  But whatever they are, they are your dreams and something most of us want to get. We want to accomplish those dreams, we just need to know how to accomplish that.

Dreams will forever be dreams if we don’t do something to make them come true.  For the lottery, well buy a ticket and hope for a miracle.  For conquering Mount Everest, lots of preparation, and taking time off to go and do it, among many other things required to do that, must be done first.  For most dreams, we have to DO something in order to attain that dream.  It’s really simple actually to accomplish a dream – make it a goal!

That’s right – make it a goal.  Say you’re dreaming of going to Australia.  Dream about all you want, look at pictures, check flight information.  All of that is great – but if you don’t set a goal for accomplishing that dream of Australia, chances are you’ll never get there.  Tell yourself, I want to be in Australia for 6 weeks starting June 1, 2021.  There – you’ve now made it a goal.  An attainable goal.  You have 10 months to get this goal done.  Start a savings account.  Book a flight.  Check out hotels.  Once that goal date is in your mind, it’s a lot easier to attain that goal.  You know you can do it because you made it a goal, not just a dream. 

A dream of mine has now become a goal, and that goal date for me is by my birthday – March 2021.  I have to get a notebook to write down everything I need to get done by certain dates – and then I KNOW this dream will come true! 

So – let’s make a dream come true today.   Make that dream a goal and set a date.  I know you can do it!