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Daily Thought – April 18

Life is going by so quickly – I hadn’t realized I hadn’t blogged for three days until this morning!

I’d like to say that I’d been away on a glorious 3 day retreat somewhere but alas that is not the case. Work and general life issues have been dominating my time and I guess my mind needed a break. From everything.

My daughter and grandson have gone through some tumultuous days but things have settled down there, and I was able to spend the day with them yesterday, enjoying my time with them, and playing with my adorable grandson. This grandma definitely needed the baby cuddles!

Work is becoming a bit ridiculous – not the customers but the actual company I work for. I am contemplating my future and what it is I’d really like to do. I have many things in mind and have been spending time considering my options.

I also spent a good portion of the past few days worrying about my son – but that problem was resolved on Friday and now I can breathe easier for him as well. It is TOUGH being a mom!!!

So, on this Sunday morning, I am taking the time to say a little prayer and to be thankful that my family is okay, and that everyone is well. It’s the little things that I’m grateful for.

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Daily Thought – December 26

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to spend Christmas Day with my daughter, my grandson and my daughter’s boyfriend and mother. They are the only ones I see regularly outside of work so I knew I was safe to go there. I am truly blessed to have my daughter close by, and now with my beautiful grandson, i feel doubly blessed.

Next year I will be doubly blessed as my son and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in May. I am so excited to be a Grandma again!

I hope everyone had a safe and beautiful holiday.

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My hometown – adjusting to life back in Canada

I have now been back in Canada, and my hometown, since Wednesday evening.  It has been good to be back – it’s been over a year since I have been here.  It’s been good to see some of my family (haven’t been able to see everyone yet but I am working on it), and I know in the next month I will see the rest.  Getting used to living in a 2 bedroom apartment with my parents, temporarily until I find my own place, has been good.  It feels good to be back and being with them and being able to help out with them.


But the biggest thing for me is being back in a country where people understand me and I don’t get odd looks when I try to explain myself.  It is nice to be understood.  And not be stared at.  And laughed at for butchering the language of the country (although there are times when I have trouble with the English language haha).


My next couple of years will most likely be spent here in the Niagara region of Ontario and I have already been looking for jobs.  So far, the adjustment is going okay.  But I miss the ocean.  I miss the amazing scenery that has been my life the past three years.  It will probably feel like homesickness in reverse in a few weeks and I know it will be tough.  It is something I am prepared for.  I have been extremely lucky these past three years – luckier than a lot of people – but I am ready to settle down here and be close to my children again.


Life will go on here, adjustments made, a new life to start, with small trips planned here and there, and my blogging will continue.  It will take on a new path (my blogging) and I hope everyone will continue to enjoy my blogs, as much as I enjoy writing them.  And I am so thrilled to see that I now have 200 followers here!  Amazing!!  Thanks to all who have read and I hope continue to read.



Community gardens

After a very rainy day yesterday, with temperatures dropping to the mid-teens finally, (and a decent sleep last night), the sun shone brightly this morning, and I decided to head out for a coffee and then a walk. 


The area of Changchun that I live in is very nice.  It’s a new community, with new buildings going up, and new shops opening.  The school I taught in is only two years old, and they are already improving it.  The population is exploding.  I enjoy walking in this area and feel safe at night walking too.


Today, I was on a mission.  I had seen the community garden back in May and it was starting to grow.  Some small unknown plants (a gardener I am NOT!) were sprouting at that time, and I had kept telling myself I needed to go back to see it.  Well I was not disappointed this morning!!


The growth in just two months is incredible. The sunflowers are tall and beautiful.  The corn stalks are up and there is corn for picking.  Eggplants are still small but they are coming along nicely.  And the tomatoes!!   They are all still green but my goodness there are hundreds of tomato plants!!!  I hope to get back to pick some fresh tomatoes before I leave, but I am not sure if they will be ripe enough for picking by then.


This community garden is a fantastic idea!  Anyone can come and pick produce from there.  You don’t need to pay for anything.  It is there for everyone.  And while I can recognize corn, eggplants and tomatoes – I have no idea what else is growing but there is a lot growing there and in abundance. 


This is a project that should be undertaken in all cities around the world in my opinion.  It is a great community project, everyone gets involved.  I saw at least four families there today weeding, and cleaning up the area.  Some were picking the eggplants – although I don’t think they were quite ready to be picked.  But who am I to say that – like I said I am not a gardener.


It is a fantastic idea to make the community stronger, and healthier, and to get the children participating in something that is good for them, their neighbours, and the environment!!   The children love telling me about it when they see me – they tell me what they have picked or planted and that they spend their time there with their grandparents and parents.  It really is an incredible thing to see. 

And this is another thing that I will miss about the area that I live in – the community and family feel.  The generosity and kindness that I see in these people to each other. 


I have to admit that I usually go with my first impression and don’t give people a chance to prove me wrong. I’m glad I haven’t done that here!

When I worked in Toronto I had a very bad impression of the Chinese ~ they were rude and pushy and just not nice. I am so glad to say that this is not the case here. 

I have met some very nice and very gracious people here, all so willing to help me when I’m lost, when I need something translated and to help me shop.

I have been very lucky to not only meet but become very good friends with so many lovely people here. I now have another new family. Families all over the world! ❤