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All you have to do is think positive!!

When I moved to Hamilton a month ago, I had assumed I had a job lined up but delays and more delays made me realize this job was not going to happen. So, I started job hunting right away.

I got resumes printed out, and headed out with them in hand. In a matter of a few days, I had a job interview. Another few days, and another job interview. Two job offers in less than two weeks!

And then today, a job that I don’t even recall applying for, one I had sent an email to in May when I was still in my hometown, became available to me, and I have an interview for tomorrow.

I have always been a positive person and even when it seems like things may not work out, my positive energy comes through and good things come my way. I have always believed in myself, and believed that if I stayed positive, things would go my way, and once again even at my age this has come true!

Stay positive, and you will have a positive life! I am living proof of this!