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Thought for the day


Three wishes

What would you wish for if someone came up to you and said they could grant three wishes? Would you wish for money? Would you wish for better health? Or would you wish for something personal just for you?

As I looked back on some of my blogs tonight, another lazy day thing to do, I was reminiscing on my travels and in my mind I kept saying “I wish I could go back there” and “I wish I had seen that when I was there”. It got me thinking, and making a mental list, of the places I’m going to go back to in the fall when I’m back in Europe!

So what would you wish for?

If I had three wishes to be granted to me, I’d wish for:

  1. My children and grandchildren have a healthy, fruitful life,
  2. The means for me to live a life where I can travel and work abroad, and
  3. To ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia.

Okay so the last one is a bit frivolous, but that’s the thing about dreams. You can wish for anything in a dream! I really just want my kids and grandkids to be happy and healthy, and for me to be able to work abroad, and travel at the same time. I know a lot of people do it so I know I can do it too!

My map of dreams… one wish at a time