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How long…

How long must we wait for someone to accept that our past mistakes are just that – in the past?

How long should we try to apologize for the past?

How long should a grown man wait to accept that the things his children did in the past, are in the past and that they have grown up and are not making those mistakes anymore?

It is extremely frustrating to hear that a certain man will not forgive his now adult children for things they did in the past, and which they have apologized for on numerous times. This man is my ex-husband and these are my kids. All they want is to have a semblance of a relationship with this man who they call Dad and he just doesn’t seem to accept that they have changed. Of course, since he doesn’t take the time to see them, he doesn’t realize that they have indeed changed and that they have grown up to be pretty decent, loving and kind people.

I realize it is his loss for the lack of a relationship with his children, but it hurts me to see how much it hurts them that he wants to seemingly have nothing to do with them. One day, I hope he wakes up and realizes just how much he has missed, and I hope that day is not too late for him to actually have a relationship with his children.

In the meantime, I will continue to love my children unconditionally, because, in my eyes, that’s what a parent should do. It’s a shame not every parent realizes this. And they will always know that, no matter what they do, I will always love them.