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Tales of a grocery store clerk – Part 3

So unlike last week’s tales, this week has shown me how sweet and kind the people are that come in to the store.

Late last week, this lovely older lady came to my till and had her own bags. In theory, we are not supposed to help people bag their own groceries – and this is strictly because of Covid. She was clearly struggling to put her groceries on the belt, so I thought that I would help her, despite the rules. Well she was the sweetest old lady and she looked teary-eyed when I told her I would help her put her groceries in the bag. Once I got everything in her bags and let her know the cost, she started telling me how sweet I was, that I reminded her of her daughter, and called me dear about 100 times. She made my day that’s for sure.

One thing about the Covid crisis is that people are getting very creative, and the beauty is coming out in everyone’s masks!!! There are so many women who have matching masks to their outfits, little girls who match, little boys who have become superheroes, men with masks on that have a beard, mustache and lips. The creativity is endless! I love seeing all the different masks.

So, while I may get annoyed by people who call my darling, I am so grateful to work at a place where I get thanked EVERY SINGLE DAY by numerous customers for being there for them, working through the pandemic and coming in every day, putting our lives at risk so that they can feed their families.

Yes, I really do love my job!