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Milestone birthdays

My sister celebrated a milestone birthday today – her 60th. Seems crazy to believe that my sister is 60 – it sounds like an old person’s age. This is my 56 year old mind thinking that haha.

Really, 60 isn’t that old but when we were young, didn’t we all think that 60 was old? Our grandparents were that age.

My age honestly doesn’t bother me – I have accomplished so much and have experienced so much at my age that it inspires me to do more! What bothers me are my kid’s ages. My daughter will be turning 30 in less than 2 months- that freaks me out. I remember when I was 30, married with 2 young kids and a mortgage. A mere 26 years later, my kids are on the verge of that age.

Back to the milestone birthdays, do you celebrate the milestone in a happy way, or do you mourn your youth and perhaps missed opportunities? I remember being sad but now it’s just a number. We can’t stop the aging process it’s a part of life, so I embrace getting older, becoming grayer and becoming more sore every day (haha okay maybe not that last thing).

Let’s try to celebrate each new year – we can’t stop it anyway so we might as well!