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Tales of a grocery store clerk

Well it just seems to get busier and busier every afternoon. We were told today that the 5 cashiers that were on managed to cash out 44 customers in 15 minutes! Go us!! It was a crazy afternoon but the customers were well behaved and there were no angry outbursts by anyone – customers or employees!

However, being on a lockdown and in a state of emergency, people are still tense and stressed. And we are hearing interesting stories from the customers!

Today one of our customers (a regular) shared a story of his daughter being in a local pharmacy this past weekend in a nearby town and there was an undercover policeman who ended up giving out a fine to a woman who had been there to purchase hair dye and curlers. Can you imagine? The story is that the policeman advised her that this was not a necessity and part of the lockdown is we are to be out shopping for necessities only. So – her “hair necessity” turned out to be a very major purchase – with a fine of $1,000!! Be careful out there people!!

Other than that, people seem to be behaving themselves, and our numbers here are going down. Hopefully the lockdown will do the trick and make our numbers magically disappear! Haha – wishful thinking on my part.

Have a great week everyone and be safe.