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Daily Thought – April 20

Tell those that you love, that you love them every single day. Hug them, squeeze them until they feel like their ribs are going to crack, and show your love for them. It makes them and you feel better.

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Daily Thought – December 20

Today, I am sad. Sad for a dear friend and her family. Sad for the death of a baby who had barely had a chance to start living. Sad that I am thousands of miles away and can only offer words for comfort.

Life is not easy. None of us can pretend that it is. There are obstacles and fears and so many other things that make it hard for us some days to get through it all. Today I cannot even fathom what my friend and her daughter and their family are going through. The overwhelming grief and sadness that they are going through today.

So today, I ask all of you to say a little prayer. To take the time to reach out to someone who may be grieving or even just having a rough day for whatever reason and show them that you are there for them. Even if it’s just a phone call to say hello and that I care about you.

The world has another angel today – a little girl who will look down on her family and know that she was loved by them and that her love for them will always be with them. My heart is broken for them today.

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New baby love

My daughter had my grandson a week ago, and I have been so lucky to be close enough to spend the day with them right now whenever I want. Today was one of those days, and he was very alert when I first got there, and he cooed and cuddled with me – my heart was bursting with love. He’s melted away the walls I had up around my heart – he’s perfect. This grandma is over the moon in love with her little man. Love those around with you with every bit of your heart – they grow up too fast. Cuddle them when you can.

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The teachers of Livon

I have written a lot about the students I have taught over the past year, but not much has been said about the teachers who have helped me.

The primary teachers at Livon have been incredible. They have been helpful, generous and so very sweet. From assisting me in my classes, to helping me translate Chinese, and so much more ~ they have made my teaching experience very memorable.  I will miss them but I know that I have made some lifelong friends.

George ~ my Saturday assistant

Michael ~ an amazing young man and a lifelong friend

Mark ~ grade 3 and 4 assistant

Summer ~ grade 3 and 4 English teacher

Cassie ~ grade 1 English teacher

Winnie ~ grade 1 English teacher

Emily ~ an occasional assistant

Peter ~ my official liaison

Pamela ~ an occasional assistant

Ariel ~ an occasional assistant

Emma ~ grade 2 assistant

Lily ~ the head teacher of primary and one of the sweetest women I have met here

Sherry ~ grade 1 English teacher

Tesia ~ grade 1 English teacher

Naomi ~ grade 2 English Teacher ~ she was like a daughter ~ same age as my daughter!  Note the teary eyes…

Nancy ~ grade 1 English teacher and an amazing young woman!

Rainbow~ grade 2 English teacher and so much fun!  She always was so involved in my lessons!

I will miss them all!!

​Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!!

Awww the sun.  It’s a glorious thing.  It gives you a bronzed look, necessary Vitamin D, a sunny spirit and an overall great feeling.  Sunny days, anytime of the year, always put me in a great mood. 

But at 5am??  I am trying to get used to the very early sunrise here in Northeast China.  I just need to adjust my evening routine to accommodate my early waking hours.

With the early sunrise also comes sounds like birds chirping and some that are not, what I consider, normal sounds for these hours.  Children’s voices outside at 5:30am, people walking and talking (loudly), the cars honking (why???), and the sounds of spitting outside my window.   If only I could sleep with my window closed! 

Awww yes, the glorious sounds of spring and summer are upon us.  Its time for me to start walking early in the morning and take advantage of the early sunshine!