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If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou

Change is hard – but sometimes necessary. I’ve had many changes over my life, some were easy, and some were hard. But every change I’ve made has led me to a better life. I have more changes coming up and I’m looking forward to each of them!

Do you find it hard to change? How do you cope with change?

Daily Thought – August 25

As most of you who read my blog realize, I love inspirational quotes. Quotes that I find help me get through my day – whether it’s a positive one or one to make me realize what I need to do, or stop doing.

I am a huge fan of Maya Angelou – she is an inspiration to me. She led a difficult life at times but overcame it and became a success as an author and a poet, among other things. She is an inspiration to women everywhere. This is why you see many of my daily thought posts as quotes from her.

300 Maya Angelou Quotes

Walt Whitman is another poet that I turn to for inspiration. One of my favourite quotes from him is this one.

63 Walt Whitman Quotes to Find Meaning in Your Life - Happier Human

Who do you turn to for inspiration? Is it a person in your life, a famous person or is it you that inspires you? Whoever it is, keep that inspiration alive and let all the good that is in you, come out. Inspire yourself and others – and your day will always be a good one.