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Busy week

Well we are all moved in, unpacked and settling in nicely. My grandson is still adjusting to the new place and a new bedroom, but he is loving the area. He loves to go puddle stomping and we have had rainy days so have been able to enjoy those puddles!

We have moved to a great area, with little shops and great parks near us. It’s been great so far, and our apartment is fantastic.

I have also applied to a few jobs in walking distance from the new place and am waiting to hear from any of them. Cross your fingers!

I already have a great feeling about this place, and am looking forward to getting to know the area more.

Power packing

I have moved many times in my lifetime. Too many times to count. Luckily I love moving!

However, I have never moved with a toddler and it’s definitely challenging. He takes about 30 to 45 minutes to eat, so I can power pack when he’s confined in the high chair. And he naps for about 2 hours each day. So I’m taking advantage of these pockets of time to pack.

So far I’ve got about 8 boxes packed of various items. Books, toys, kitchen appliances and some other kitchen items.

I’ve also turned to marketplace on Facebook to sell baby items no longer needed. I’m happy to say that I’m getting responses.

I have 10 days to pack this place up as much as I can. My daughter works days so it’s up to her to get her room done. I’ll do the rest since I’m basically an expert at getting it done quickly haha.

I am excited to be moving to an area not too far from where I am now that’s easily walkable with stores and parks nearby. There’s even a splash pad close by!

At least this move doesn’t require me to move across the country!