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Daily Thought – February 1


Daily Thought – September 2

Happy September! I am now all moved in to my new apartment – boxes await me.

Helpful hints when moving on your own:

Number 1 – When you are moving, do not sleep in the car the night before. Cramps and exhaustion from an uncomfortable sleep do not help when moving yourself. Just a helpful little hint!

Number 2 – stay hydrated! But don’t drink water from a bottle that was sitting in the car on a hot day – it was gross.

Number 3 – try to find someone to help you if at all possible. I managed to load the car up and unload and now unpacking, but it’s a lot of work by yourself!

Number 4 – Remember to buy dish soap – I have lots of dirty dishes at the moment and no soap to wash them!

Number 5 – keep a positive attitude! Don’t stress too much – it all gets done eventually. Just enjoy the new change and the new challenges!