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Tales of a grocery store clerk (a day late..)

Last week I worked 6 days in a row, this coming week 10 days in a row! I am grateful I had yesterday off and spent it with my daughter and grandson!

But today I was back at it. And it was a busy 4 hour shift. Par for the course these days. I had a strange and confusing encounter with a customer near the end of my shift.

She came through and said quite emphatically that she needed to spend a certain amount of money in order to use all of her air miles cash. I said okay – and proceeded to get her grocery bill up to the amount she said she had. Well, I scanned her card and well the state of confusion that occurred after that was breathtaking!

She proceeded to explain that someone at the store told her how many points she had. Which definitely did not happen because we have no way of finding that information out. After a very confusing conversation with me and my supervisor, she insisted I separate the order so she could do her transaction. Of course it didn’t work because she didn’t have enough. Finally, after more conversation with her and explanations, after about 20 minutes of dealing with this, she acquiesced and paid the remaining amount. She actually took the time to apologize to me for taking up so much time and being confused about it all. I took it all in stride, because I know it can be confusing if you don’t keep up with what changes have been made.

After her, I was just taking my time with customers and one lady came through and what she purchased confused me. There are a lot of people that eat organic now, and while I do not do this, I sort of understand it. Organic bananas I don’t understand – just don’t get me started on that. But, probably because it wasn’t that busy at the end of the shift, I took the time to watch what people were purchasing. Organic vegetables, organic cereal, and coffee cream with the highest percentage of fat. That confused me, and then with the addition of a bunch of junk food, it confused me more. Why eat organic if you’re going to eat junk? Seems a little counter-productive in my eyes. BUT to each their own!

So a long 10 days is ahead of me – but only one early shift so that’s a good thing. Stay safe and be kind to everyone.