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Tales of a grocery store clerk – part 4

This past week, I have been noticing more and more of what people are buying and looking at the unique things people buy – our store carries an amazing array of items and I really need to take the time to wander through and check some of them out!

But one disturbing thing I have been noticing is the heavy use of plastic people use! There are a good majority who will put all their vegetables in two bags – which makes it difficult sometimes to find the codes to punch in. They also package their food in plastic bags and then will come to the check out and ask for the reusable bags because they are trying to help save the environment. Really? Perhaps use less plastic on boxes of things you are buying then? It’s baffling that so many plastic bags are used by people who actually tell me that they are working hard to save the environment. Incredible!

I have also learned that people really don’t listen. At all. We have very strict instructions at the store, and there are multiple signs around to explain them, about waiting at the checkout. Stand behind the line. Wait for the cashier to call you forward. Be sure she/he is cleaning the belt before placing your items on the belt. Pretty simple right? Apparently not, as there are many people who march right up and start putting their groceries on the belt, while I am still trying to check out the person in front of them. I ask them politely to remove the items so that I can clean the belt first, and the attitudes I sometimes get! You would think I had asked them for money or something! Sometimes they will go to another check out only to be told the same thing. Umm yeah – it’s not like I singled you out in particular to tell you that.

Most people are great, albeit the use of plastic, and I really enjoy my time there getting to know the customers.

Hope you all have a pleasant week!