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Daily Thought – August 14

When life gets busy, we tend to stop doing some of the things we really enjoy. I am lucky to be busy with a very busy grandson who I love as much as he loves me. I am blessed I know. But there are some things that I have put aside to spend more time with him. Like reading. I am tired at the end of the day (meaning, when he finally gets to sleep), and I have put reading aside. But I am going to change that habit, as I’ve done with other things recently, and make a commitment to myself to read at least 30 minutes a day. I am starting today!

Remember, we all need time for ourselves to recharge and we need to do things that help us recharge – whether it be reading, knitting, working on a puzzle or going for a walk – anything that calms us and makes us feel better helps us recharge.

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The wonderful world of blogging!

I started blogging, seriously, after I had arrived here in China.  I am sorry I didn’t do more blogging when I lived in Prague, but it is what it is!!  Blogging has become my newest addiction!!  It’s a healthy one at least.  My food addiction – well not so healthy sometimes haha.  My book addiction has been seriously curtailed due to me leaving in less than two weeks – I have had to reduce the number of notebooks I have to about 5 – and that was hard to do!


Back to blogging – I started blogging because I love writing.  I wanted my family and friends back in Canada to read about what I was experiencing.  I never really thought much about what kind of impact blogging would have on me.  I am trying to keep up a schedule with my blogs, but some days I have “blogger’s block” (is that a thing?), and other days I want to write about so many different things!


I am happy to say that it has had a very positive impact on me.  My writing skills have improved, as have my photography skills (at least in my mind they have!).  But more importantly, I have discovered a whole new world – a fantastic world.  The world of bloggers.


I have spent this afternoon reading blogs about people giving up their careers for a year or two and traveling around the world.  I enjoy the traveling blogs.  I have been reading food blogs, inspirational blogs, and so many more.  The world is a crazy, and a bit scary, place these days, and it is so nice to read so many happy stories.


Blogging is such a great way to connect with people from all around the world, and read about what other people are talking about or seeing.  It has opened my eyes and has inspired me to pursue more dreams.  I have also added more places to see and visit on my ever-changing bucket list!


I am so grateful for all of my fellow bloggers who have started following my blog, and wanting to read about my life and my thoughts.


So this blog is to my fellow bloggers – thank you so much for becoming a part of my blogging life, and thank you for sharing with me your life.  I appreciate all of you!!