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A pondering moment

My daughter and I were having a discussion this afternoon about her dad and her stepmother.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I left my ex and have no problem with him having remarried. I left him for lots of reasons so I glad he’s found someone that makes him happy. That being said, I do not like this woman because of the way she treated my children. She was not nice to either of them and is one of the reasons my son and his father don’t speak now.

Back to our discussion. My grandson was eating broccoli for dinner and my daughter made a comment about how her stepmother was so impressed by how he was able to get my daughter to love vegetables. I said well I had a lot to do with that and she got very defensive about this. She said she was complimenting Dad about his parenting skills (I almost laughed at this but I stopped myself) and that she never hears me saying anything complimentary about her stepmother.

I was shocked at this and just stopped talking. Saying anything woukd just cause an argument and we’ve had a good day and I didn’t want to ruin the vibe of the day.

So it got me to thinking that maybe I should not talk about them anymore. They are coming out here to visit them in May and I’m happy for my daughter but I will not be spending a moment with them. I have no interest in that.

Am I being stubborn? Or am I being the better person by just not saying anything anymore? It really bothers me that she defends the woman who had her kicked out of her home at 13.

An interesting question for me to answer.