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The most beautiful sight I’ve seen

All of the sights I have seen over my travels have been beautiful in their own way and one just as magical as the other. But to me, there is one place that stands out as the most beautiful.

Most people would expect me to say Prague – it feels like my second home and will always have a special place in my mind and heart – and while it is truly magical – it’s my second choice for most beautiful.

The most beautiful place I have ever seen was the sight I saw on September 17 2017. It was my last full day in San Pedro de Atacama, and it was at the end of my tour of Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley).

It was an afternoon excursion and it was the most grueling tour, emotionally and physically, I had ever endured, one that I have previously blogged about. After the harrowing experience through the hike in the desert, one that left me speechless, and scared to death, and made me realize how lucky and fortunate I was to have the life I had up to that point, we loaded up on the bus to head to the end of the valley to watch the sunset.

As we drove down the desert road, everyone was quiet and the music was playing on the sound system. Two songs came on that made me think back to what had happened out there in the desert – the first song was “On a horse with no name” (at least that’s the title I call it!), and the other was “Dust in the Wind”. It was the first time I actually listened to the words of either of the songs, and as I looked out the window and listened, I shed a few tears of thanks to the heavens above.

We got out of the van at the Valley end, and as we all walked along together, slowly we all separated and went our own way for a short time. The others were all in groups or pairs, and I walked away on my own, going to the edge, ready to capture the sunset on my camera, when thankfully my battery died.

Rather than being upset that I could not capture the picture I had wanted, I sat down, and simply watched. The beauty that I saw, the golden sun setting below the desert hills, a gentle breeze cooling me off, and the skies turning every colour you could imagine, this was truly the most beautiful and peaceful place I have ever encountered or seen. Despite not having an actual picture to look at, I can still see that in my mind, and it still takes my breath away.