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Chasing dreams

I’ve spent the evening, firstly doing my taxes – which is why I switched over to dreaming about a vacation in September. I’ve got two options about where I want to go, and now to make a decision of which I’d rather do.

I have hotels booked for Turkey already. But I was inspired today after getting an email with a deal for tours. I would love to walk the Camino de Santiago – I have looked into walking it for a few years now, but with the email deal it seems definitely doable. I was thinking of adding Portugal and Seville into my travels there, if that’s what I choose.

Turkey has been a dream, I’ve been to Spain, but I’d love to do the walk. If I could afford to do all of this I would, but I don’t know if that’s going to be a possibility.

It’s been a nice way to get my mind off of what seems to be the never ending task of packing – I seriously did not think we had this much stuff. I’m trying to get rid of stuff as I pack but it seems extra hard this time for some reason.

It might be chasing dreams tonight, but it’s a nice break from my packing.

Travel memories

Back in January, I went on a holiday with Trafalgar Tours to Spain, Morocco and Portugal. I was looking at my pictures I took the other day and realized I had never blogged about my trip!

Madrid airport

My trip began in Madrid. What a beautiful city! I was told that Spain in January can be cool and rainy – well I lucked out. All but one day was sunny and beautiful! Madrid is a city full of history and amazing architecture. And the food! It was all so delicious – and I even tried olives and liked some!

Beautiful morning in Madrid

Segovia was one of the stops on the tour. Absolutely stunning. The scenery took my breath away.

The aqueducts of Segovia

We headed south towards the Mediterranean and ended in Costa del Sol – Torremolinos. The sea, the beaches – this was paradise. If only we could have stayed another night.

This view

From Costa del Sol, we got on to the ferry and headed into Morocco. Morocco touched an array of senses – the smells, the noisiness of the medinas, the sights to see. It was something special to see!

The Medina

Morocco was amazing to see, but I was missing Spain and was excited to be heading back, on to Seville. The flamenco dancers! The food! The wine! I loved Seville – of all the places we visited, Seville was my favourite. It reminded me, in ways, of Prague. I would love to go back to Seville!

From Seville, we headed to Lisbon. Portugal is another beautiful country – I have yet to see a country in Europe that is NOT beautiful!

Our trip ended up back in Madrid. I saw so many things, and tried many new foods, and met some amazing people. It was definitely a trip I will remember forever. Trafalgar Tours once again did a stupendous job. I cannot recommend this company enough.