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Flu shots – yay or nay?

I have never had a flu shot in all of my 52 years, but this year I am contemplating getting one for many reasons.


One, I work in the public field, around coffee and food, every day.  I am sure no one wants their server coughing and hacking all over their coffee and food!  Second, my parents are older, and I certainly don’t want to get sick and have them get sick because of me.


I am not someone who gets sick very often, but if I can do something to hopefully prevent that from happening, then I will.  In my awesome home country of Canada, flu shots are free.   Are they free in your country?  How much are they if you have to pay?  Do you get the flu shot?

​Staying healthy in China

Since being in China, I have had numerous colds, walking pneumonia and recently another chest cough. Between the dirty hands and nobody covering their mouth when coughing or sneezing, I am more surprised that I haven’t been sicker!

In the earlier winter, I made the smart choice of taking a multi-vitamin every morning.  I know that this helped me stay relatively healthy.

Then pneumonia hit me in April.   Thankfully the school has a very good doctor who got me on the right meds and I felt better after a week or so.
Last week, another chest cough started.  I think it was partially allergies and partially a cold. In any event, I headed to my friendly pharmacy in search of cough medicine.  And I have discovered a whole new world of medical treatment!

The pharmacist/nurse gave me Chuanbei qingfei tangjiang – a natural remedy for dry coughs and chest problems.  I have to say that, while it is sweeter than I expected, it has almost gotten rid of the cough!  I have a couple more doses but I am so impressed with it!!

Combined with me making ginger “tea” (get ginger root, peel and chop up pieces into water, boil for 20 minutes then let steep ~ and drink hot) and drinking hot water with honey before bed ~ I can’t believe how much better I feel!!   And the ginger tea has done wonders for my IBS issues too!!

I have turned over a new Chinese leaf ~ as much as I can, natural methods are the way I am going now.