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International Women’s Day 2022

As the world turns upside down with Covid still in the news, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this year we should look upon all the women who show us the strength they have to survive the turmoil of the world in 2022.

For the women of Ukraine – you are our heroes. To have your lives upturned in a day, to becoming refugees – whether with kids or on your own, to say good bye to your fathers, husbands, sons, as you escape for your safety, not knowing if you’ll ever see them again. My heart goes out to you all. You are my heroes. You are showing strength that even you probably didn’t know you had. I applaud you. And I pray for your safety.

For the women of the adjoining countries – you are our saviours. You have opened your homes to families who have been displaced because of this illegal war that has been started. You are helping those who need help. You are holding those up who need it. You are letting these families in, and listening to their stories, and letting them cry, and feeding them. To you, I say thank you on behalf of so many people in this world. You are amazing.

For those women who are in the medical field – nurses, doctors – you are our strength. You are dealing on a daily basis with sick people, working ridiculous hours in order to keep us healthy and safe during a pandemic. I commend you for the job you continue to do, and thank you personally to those who helped me when I was sick with Covid earlier this year.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

For the women in politics, specifically here in Canada, I admire you. Being involved with politics is hard enough, but during a pandemic and a war, it’s even tougher. Keep on fighting for us, and doing what you do best. I believe in all of you.

And for all the other women out there, you are beautiful and strong and can do anything you put your mind to. You wake up every morning and go about your every day life, being a hero to someone. A child, a significant other, a parent – we are all heroes in someone’s eyes. We are all amazing and we should be proud of ourselves for getting to this point in our lives. Don’t ever doubt yourself. You can do it.

Being appreciated makes for a better work environment

Holy crap what a day!!! So busy!!! And I know the next two weeks are going to be busier and busier. My shifts are going fast BUT I have a few tips for any of you out there who are venturing out to a grocery store.

First, If the cashier is cleaning the belt, please wait until she/he tells you it’s okay to put your stuff on it. It seriously only takes us a few seconds to clean the belt. If you are in such a hurry that you cannot wait a few seconds, maybe get someone else to do your shopping for you!

Second, if the cashier asks that you stand back because someone is still cashing out, please just do it. Don’t crowd that person while they are paying. And this is not just for Covid times – it’s rude to get into someone else’s space no matter where you are. Step back and be polite about it.

Last, we are all stressed. We are all doing the best we can during these times. We can tell if you’re smiling behind your masks, and a polite word to us is always appreciated. Don’t be rude, or snap at us – we are simply doing our job to make sure everyone is fed. And for all of those people out there who come in and thank us for being there and working to make sure they can get food, THANK YOU! I love when I hear the customers say thank you for being there – I feel so much better and more appreciated for that.

Daily Thought – September 12

Thank you – two words that mean so much and yet so often aren’t heard these days. Two words that can make someone’s day. To show how much you appreciate someone.

Yesterday was my first full shift on as a cashier at my new job. The customers all knew I was still in training and the fact that they were all so nice and every single one of them said thank you and good job to me- made my day.

Now I want to say thank you to all my followers. I have reached 500 followers and that is amazing to me. I can’t say thank you enough that you take the time to read my blogs, my recipes, and just everything. I truly appreciate it. So thank you very much for making me feel so good about what I’m doing here. I couldn’t do it without all of you!

Photo by u0158aj Vaishnaw on Pexels.com