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Never give up

Since I recently moved, I have been tidying and organizing and throwing away stuff. Minimalizing my life is definitely cathartic and I strive to become completely minimalist. I really have no need for a bag full of scarves and mittens. I will be donating those this week.

But one of the things that interested me most as I was unpacking were the journals I made when I was living in China and travelling through Chile. Hard to believe for me that it was 4 years ago that I was in China at this time. Time has flown and I have realized just how much I miss travelling and teaching. Those kids – I still miss them! Teaching brought out the best in me and, while I do like my job, again I am in a job and not a career.

I have come to realize that I don’t want to travel for years but I do want to give back my time to something worthwhile. I don’t want to just sit around and do nothing (which I have been doing this past week – not doing nothing but sitting around). I want to help, I want to volunteer, I want to help others in ways I know I can. I know I can go off for a month somewhere and volunteer, and as soon as travel allows me (or a vaccine!), I will.

So while right now I am enjoying my time with my daughter and grandson, and eventually my newest grandchild to arrive in May of next year, I am not giving up on my dream to get out there and help others. I have big plans for the next five years. Lots to accomplish by the time I turn 60 (yikes – is that really only 5 years away….). I will do it because I know I can and I will not give up on this!

Photo by Elina Krima on Pexels.com