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The Meat Chronicles

I am beginning to feel like myself again. My short vacation to the island has definitely helped my mind, and I am grateful for that. Work is work – I worked today and it was incredibly busy as Christmas week is here and people are stupid haha.

I was given the task today to call the people who had pre-ordered fresh turkeys for Christmas, and to let them know that they were ready for pick up. Unfortunately, we had limited amount of fresh turkeys of certain weights and there were a few customers who I had to advise that while we didn’t have the exact size they had requested, we had others (some slightly less in weight, and others slightly over by a pound). The one lady, who had been looking for a 15 pound turkey, I had to tell we only had 16 and 17 pound turkeys. She got a bit frustrated at this news and said – that’s a lot more turkey than I want. In my mind I was thinking, really it’s only a pound more and it can be frozen after it’s cooked. However, it’s not my place to say these things and she decided to get the 16 pound turkey. It seemed a bit ridiculous to me but then again I am not one to cook many turkeys so maybe 1 extra pound is a lot.

I also had people hovering over me while I was putting out the prime rib roasts and again, I had a variety of sizes but of course there is always one in the crowd who has to be difficult. I was told that they wanted one about $40 (we have them on sale this week) and so I showed them ones that were $37, $42 and $45 – nope they wanted one that was $40. Seriously? I directed them to the butcher – he convinced them to buy the $42 roast. I just shake my head at these people. Thank goodness for masks is all I can say.

Then there was the woman who wanted a turkey breast (I think) and asked if we had pieces of turkey in the back. I told her that no we don’t at this time – we normally do but during this time of year we basically only have whole turkeys. She gave me this look of derision and just said oh okay. Walked up to the butcher (bless his heart) and asked him if he could go in the back and retrieve for her what she was wanting. He informed her quite bluntly that his co-worker (me) was quite correct that we don’t have that at the moment and after Christmas we will have them again. She was all apologetic – to him – and thanked him for his time. Did I look like I was lying? Why would I lie about that? Perhaps she thought I was just guessing so I didn’t have to go in the back. Whatever lady – get over yourself – that’s what I wanted to say but again I refrained.

My week off definitely has put me in better spirits and I am feeling rested again and refreshed. If these things had happened last week – I probably would not have a job now!

I did get some more pictures of my Victoria trip, and as I look at them, I know where I want to be. The island is calling me!

The Meat Chronicles

Training continues, my shifts are all 8 hours, and I’m exhausted. Mentally and physically.

I knew working in the meat department was going to be a physical job – I’m lugging meat around so of course it is! I really didn’t think of just how physical. My arms are getting stronger and I’m feeling stronger, but this job is taking a toll on my hip. I’m waiting for a sole insert for my shoe to give me more support. I truly hope it works because I really need this job. After 3 months my benefits start so then I can see a doctor and get something to help.

As for the training and the mental exhaustion – my 56 year old brain is having a hard time remembering all these cuts of beef. I’ve got the pork figures out, but for the life of me I just can’t wrap my head around the beef. I know prime rib. I know the ground beef. Why are there so many cuts of beef to make roasts?? It’s wearing me out and by the end of the day, my brain is done.

But I am a fighter and will conquer this! I do love the interaction with customers- I’d rather be a cashier but my hours would not be consistent and right now I need consistency for my daughter to be able to work too.

The cost of beef is outrageous and we have roasts on sale 2 for 1, so we are selling a ton of roasts. One lady complained of the size and cost of them, and i explained about the sale. She couldn’t grasp the meaning of the sale at all. She wanted the big roast cut in half so it would be cheaper. I showed her smaller cuts that were cheaper but no that didn’t make sense. She wanted the $80 roast cut in half so it would only cost $40 after the discount. I said okay but she could get 2 already at that price and could have 2 meals from it without having the butcher have to cut the big one for her. She disagreed with my thinking so I had the butcher cut it. She left pleased with herself, and the butcher agreed with me that it didn’t make much sense, despite assuring her that it all came from one big cut of beef. Oh well the customer always gets what they want!

Tell next time – enjoy your day!

The Meat Chronicles

It has been almost a month since I started working at a local grocery store in their meat department, and it’s been exhausting, overwhelming, and an overall great experience so far!

I was hesitant about taking a job in the meat department, since I never had any experience doing a job like this. But I jumped in with both feet and accepted this new challenge.

I have discovered that I am a lot stronger physically than I thought! And still very patient – dealing with a person who talks to down to everyone training me has been a strain on my patience, but thankfully for the masks, she cannot tell that I am actually cursing her under my breath (haha).

But all in all, I am working in a great department with some great fellow employees. They have been great in helping me learn all the cuts of meat (seriously I had no idea how many different roasts and steaks there are – who knew there were 100 of them – okay so perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration – but there’s so many!). And the company is fantastic – I am anxiously waiting for my first three months are up so I can take advantage of the benefits and finally get myself a new pair of glasses.

My days are looking up!

Photo by Mark Stebnicki on Pexels.com