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Road trips

As a child, I remember taking a road trip every summer to the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. My parents were born there and my grandparents lived there, as did other members of our extended family, so we would all jump into the car, and sometimes, do the very long drive in one day. Other years, we would stop overnight in Quebec, and stay in a motel. I always found that the most fun – staying in motels along the St. Lawrence River, sometimes staying in a place where cousins and aunts and uncles lived.

I believe my love of driving long distances came from our family road trips. One of my favourite road trips as a child was going camping in the States – we went to Vermont and New Hampshire in 1976 and we there for the bicentennial celebrations. I can still remember the little town we were close to that year – we went to see all the festivities for the bicentennial. They had a huge parade, there were lots of things going on and then the best part was the most amazing fireworks display. It was beautiful! I understood a bit about what a bicentennial was, so to have been a part of it was pretty special to me.

As I got older, more road trips were had. I have been on solo road trips (my favourite way to travel!), ones with my ex husband, ones with him and my kids, some with just my kids, and road trips with friends. I loved all the vacations I had, but I would still choose to travel solo – even on a road trip. This past summer, driving out to BC, was the best one yet. All by myself for 5 days, radio on, windows opened, taking in this big beautiful country on my own – it was spectacular. I think I’m in need of another road trip soon!

I have travelled on many road trips throughout Canada and the States, and I am always amazed at the beauty I see wherever I am.

What was your favourite road trip?

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com