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Binging – good or bad?

I’ve been binging these past two weeks of two things – TV shows, and food. I should stick with the TV shows and not the food but that’s not been the case at all!

I should not go to the grocery stores when I’m hungry – I’m just going to leave it at that! No wonder I have heartburn every night- I started out eating healthy food and then succumbed to chocolate. Good thing my grandson will be home soon and I’ll be playing with him and going out for regular walks!

But I’ve also been binge watching television shows. Two in particular. The Big Bang Theory’s entire series is being shown on one of our national channels here in Canada, and the Food Network holiday cooking shows. My first week alone I spent watching only the Food Network.

I love watching cooking shows, baking shows – almost all of them I enjoy. The holiday baking shows are always fun to watch to see what is being made, and taking notes of what I could make. Baking is my favourite thing to do and while I may not have a lot of counter space, I can still manage to bake anyway. I have learned to scale back the recipes that I like. This does not help the binging of the food though.

While I have wasted my days away binging on these shows, I’ve become lazy. I’ve been making myself go out each day even for just half an hour for a walk – to step away from the kitchen and the TV.

Is binging a bad thing? Or do you see it as a way of relaxing? Food binging is bad – binging on my favourite shows I think is okay.

It’s been a good two weeks regardless!


Binging is exhausting. Binging TV shows that is!

I have spent the last two weeks binge watching Stranger Things and it was absolutely worth the time I spent.

I’ve binge watched The Crown, Sons of Anarchy, Modern Family, New Girl and Friends – although I’ve watched the full series of Friends at least 10 times. Stranger Things has taken over The Crown as my favourite show. I have a very eclectic range of shows!

Have you ever binge watched a series? I’d love to hear what you’ve watched.