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No fly zones

I’ve been watching CNN all week and am horrified by what Putin is doing. I was crying today watching the families that fled to Poland trying to keep their kids warm. My heart breaks for them all.

But my concern with all of this is an escalation to a full on world War. Putin is crazy and I don’t know if declaring no fly zones are what we need to do. Nuclear war is a huge worry, and while all of this is happening, the crazier man in North Korea is sending missiles out.

I pray for the entire world – these are scary times for all of us.



As I watched the news tonight, they showed a Ukrainian choir singing the national anthem of Ukraine at the hockey game in Winnipeg. Tears were flowing in the stands, and on my couch.

My prayers continue for all Ukrainians in the world and especially in their home country. Stay strong and continue to fight. And Zelensky is a hero and should be praised as one.


Back in 2015, I listened to a BBC documentary about Vladimir Putin and how he came into power. I learned about him being a guard in Dresden, Germany when the wall came down in Berlin. He was told to stand down and wait for further instructions. He was furious and did not want to follow Gorbachev’s instructions, but he did.

Some of you may already know this history of him, but after listening to this documentary, I was horrified and shocked that this man was now President of Russia. He had risen from the bottom, after a disturbing end of communism on his part, to become one of the most powerful men in the world.

The entire world is watching while Putin invades a country for whatever reason he has come up with in his mind. I don’t understand why this is happening, other than to show his strength and power to the rest of the world.

Whatever the reason, it’s terrifying what is happening, and my heart goes out to all the Ukrainians out there, both in the country and in the rest of the world while they watch their country being destroyed.

Pray for Ukraine.