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Tales of a grocery store clerk

It’s been another busy week at the store. We are asking for donations for a local charity and the people are actually quite excited to be donating money for this charity! It is a charity that is based on children’s needs, and this is something that is near and dear to my heart. I am so excited to be asking for donations and while not everyone is going to donate, I love talking about this particular charity. It’s such a great thing to be doing this!

People are still being extra cautious, and while I do totally understand why they are being cautious, we have some people who come through who go to the extremes about being cautious. Like the customer who refuses to touch the money that she gives me and I give back to her (so maybe use touchless debit or credit instead??), and who, if she doesn’t have gloves on, uses two plastic bags on each hand. I wish I was kidding but I’m not. And there are others who won’t take plastic bags and will pack their own – but they put things in, take things out, rearranges, – the stress that takes place watching these people is crazy. I am a pretty low stressed person, but this brings up my stress.

I am hoping that, since we are front line workers, the vaccinations will be coming our way soon so that I can get mine done! Then maybe we will be able to get back to a bit more normalcy soon.