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Dreaming of far away places

On this November night, as I sit in my kitchen, enjoying the peace and quiet, I am left wondering where I would like to travel to next, once we are allowed to freely travel with no restrictions.

I would love to go back to Prague to visit my favourite places, and my friends, and to enjoy a beer at the Letna Beer Garden and look at the views of the city and the Vltava. Take in the smells of the sausages cooking on the grill, and listening (and not understanding) the Czech people chatter away. Of all the places I’ve been to, I miss Prague the most.

Charles Bridge early morning with no tourists! Best time to go!

My next place to go travelling to will be Greece, with a side trip to Turkey. I have a hotel booked in Hersonissos Greece for next May, but who knows if that will happen! I’d love to imagine myself on the beach relaxing.

Hersonissos Holidays - Crete Greece
Hersonissos, Greece
24 Hours in Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Turkey

And New Zealand is also on my radar – I would love to retire in New Zealand. This is my ultimate dream destination. To get lost in the Southern Alps, exploring the south island of New Zealand.

New Zealand
Southern Alps, New Zealand

It’s so nice to dream isn’t it??