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Tales of a grocery store clerk

Working in retail brings many challenges. Working long hours on your feet. Trying to be nice to people who are really not very nice. Not having a regular schedule. Challenging for sure but at least I’m working! And while I work, I try to amuse myself.

I read the magazine covers – the gossipy ones, the self-help ones, the cooking ones – anything that looks interesting.

I go and “face” the cupboards. Straighten them out basically. Fill up the chocolate bar displays. It makes the slow days go a bit quicker.

Monday started off a bit slow and we had some idle chit chat happening. I was telling some of the other cashiers about the walk and it was nice to stand and chat with them. But then the crowds started coming in. It was pretty steady for the second part of my shift.

I had one lady come through who decided it would be fun to wear her earbuds the entire time of her sale. Seriously? Do you not think that MAYBE the cashier would need to ask you how you were paying, or if you needed bags, or you know something? I asked about 3 times if she needed bags, she never answered- so I put them in bags. She comes to the end of the lane and says oh I have bags. So I just smiled and said oh well you didn’t answer so I presumed you didn’t. She seriously said – well I didn’t hear you ask. Really? Maybe because you had earbuds in?? Ugh.

And then I had another one come through while talking on the phone. This is such a common occurrence now that I just yell to ask the questions. I LOVE getting the eye roll from people, like I’m inconveniencing them by asking a question. I really don’t know how these people survived before cell phones. I mean I like having my cell phone around but I would not do that to a person in retail. Probably the rudest thing a person can do. Unless the person on the other side of that phone call is being attacked (call 911 and not your friend/family instead) or someone is being rushed to the hospital – there really is no need to be talking on your phone when you are checking out anywhere. Just my opinion.

But then there is always a sweet person that makes my day. It’s usually an older person, but this time it was a lovely lady who, after she paid, passed me one of her chocolate bars she had purchased, with a little thank you card, and said Happy International Women’s Day. This completely made my day!

It’s the little things that make people working in retail happy. Even just a thank you works.

Till next week….