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Making changes

I am in need of adult time – and that means to me adult time with people who are not my children! I know they are adults, but they are still my kids and always will be – even as adults!

I also miss my alone time – I almost feel lonelier living with my daughter and grandson than I ever did when I actually lived alone. Just to clarify though – I am not lonely. I am not in need of being around people constantly – just maybe once every couple of weeks it would be nice to have someone who is not family to go out with and have a coffee.

I am taking that step slowly now – I have signed up with some writing groups. Something else that has been put on the backburner at the moment is this blog – I miss writing in here but I always seem busy and when I’m finally relaxing in the evening after my grandson goes to bed, I just want to watch TV. Such a bad habit – almost as bad as mindlessly surfing the web or being on Facebook. It’s just excuses – I will make the change and put time in here and on my book.

I have also started looking for a job out here – I need to work. For financial reasons and for that adult time I need! Slowly my life will be back to a regular routine – for now I will continue to watch in wonder and awe at the new things my grandson does every day, and watch my granddaughter get bigger each day.

Life is good and will get better!!


Writer’s block – it’s a real thing!

I took a hiatus over the last month or so from blogging – life got in the way as it sometimes does. But my favourite season is upon us and I am anxious to get back in here and start writing again.

Funny how we can miss doing something so simple as writing. Some people I am sure will think that blogging and writing aren’t always simple and it’s true. My mind was blank every time I sat down this past month or so to try and write – I needed a jolt to get me going again. Writing about my travels always interests me but sometimes I need to expand my thinking.

I am happy to say that I have now had two articles published – one in a National magazine and one in a local paper – and my goal is to have another article published by the end of this year.

2020 will have me travelling once again and so my writing will come back to focus on that. In the meantime, I will start blogging about anything that comes to mind and hope that I can reach more people with my blog.

I hope everyone’s summer was a good one! I look forward to reading and writing in here once again.

Books Books Books!!

I believe that everyone has some sort of addiction. Maybe its a caffeine addiction. Maybe a sugar addiction, or even something stronger. My addiction is books ~ specifically notebooks.

China has very cheap office supplies!  And it is all good quality. My problem is the notebook.  All sizes.  But they have to be lined paper. My addiction is very specific.

You may be wondering ~ what is she doing with all these books?? I am glad you asked!!

Since I am a teacher, at least four of the notebooks are for lesson planning, with each grade having its own book.  There is one that is for my journaling. One is for my scribblings of the book I am trying to write about my travels.

That leaves about 10 to 12.  Each one has something in it. Lists. Names of students. Addresses. Random things I write.  I know one or two have different ideas for blogs. One also has information about places I want to travel to. There is no specific purpose for any of the others, other than to satisfy my addiction. 

So why am I blogging about such a random topic?  To show that teaching and traveling the world is sometimes boring but in a good way. There are lazy days. Days I want to be introspective. Those are very good days to journal!

Living in foreign countries can sound glamorous but, in reality, it is not always that way. It is a way of life, a routine. I just happen to be living and working in China. And so with a routine comes mundane and boring days. And that’s why I have books. To fill them with my words. My visions. My nonsensical lists. And yes there are many nonsensical lists! Haha

It’s okay to have boring days. Creativeness can come from those days. New travel plans can be decided on. A whole world can open up to you, if you give boredom a chance.  

So give it a try ~ plan a day of nothing, with just a notebook and a pen to keep you busy. You might be surprised at how fun a boring day can be!