Always the odd one, no matter where I am!!

When I moved to Europe in 2014, I knew that I would not be the same size as I was in Canada. The women in the Czech Republic are tall, slim and have skinny legs and small feet. I am none of those. I have always been a plus size woman and had accepted that in Canada. In Europe, I felt even bigger because the sizes are so different. My size 10 feet became size 42.

So I am now in China, and had to shop this week for winter attire. They do not even carry women’s shoes or boots in my size.  Good thing I like black hiking style boots for winters!! And winter coats – well in Canada I’m extra large – here I’m 3xL. Yeah thanks for the confidence booster China.

On the plus side this week – my students guessed my age as 33 – hahaha thanks guys!!

Living in foreign countries is already challenging – it became more challenging this week!!


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