The sounds of spring

When you think of spring, what comes to mind? Everything turning green? Flowers blooming? Yes, those are the typical signs of spring, but for me, I know it’s truly spring when I hear certain sounds.

Rainbows make me happy

The sounds of kids laughing and playing outside. The chirping of the birds. The neighbour mowing his lawn. When I hear these sounds, that means to me that spring has finally arrived.

Cleaning up the yards – it’s allergy season!

Of course, other sounds of spring are sneezing! Allergy season is upon us, with all the buds on the trees showing up, and the lilac bushes (as pretty as they are) in full bloom. I personally am not a fan of the lilac bushes – my eyes and my nose especially do not like them!

Not lilacs because I can’t get near them, but pretty flowers are a sign of Spring!

Every season has their own distinct sounds – summer has the cicada bugs, autumn has the sounds of kids back to school, school bells ringing, and winter has the sound of silence. Winter is my favourite season of all.

Let’s all enjoy the blooming season of spring!

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